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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Charities Win with Audi Hole In One Contest

A lot was going on this past week in Phoenix. There was a little football game called the "Super Bowl" being played. A PGA Tour golf tournament called the FBR Open was being contested down the street, and Audi, the luxury car manufacturer, was right in the middle of things with their Audi Forum Phoenix.

With so many celebrities in town for the big sporting events, Audi decided to host its own fun-filled event. The premise, hit a hole in one and win a brand-new Audi R8 sports car. The contestants, a group of celebrities in town for the big game on Sunday. Molly Sims, Jerry O'Connell, Adrian Grenier, Ronnie Lott, Donovan McNabb, Jim Brown, Dontrelle Willis, Gabrielle Union, Darnell Dockett, Elbert "Ickey" Woods, Braylon Edwards, Jason Biggs, Craig Sager, Darren Sharper, Kevin Sorbo, Ovie Mughelli, Reggie Miller, Tommie Harris and Marcellus Wiley all took their best shot at the hole in one prize.

Each golfer was given a Callaway wedge and one chance at making an ace for the R8. Ultimately, Ronnie Lott and Jason Biggs came closest, deciding to split the second place prize by directing Audi's $15,000 in funds to Lott's charitable foundation and Donavan McNabb's charity. Alas, no one walked away with a shiny new sports car, but at least some important non-profits benefitted from the fantastic golf event.