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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hole In One Insurance and Yardages

A common concern amongst our clients when it comes to finalizing the details of a hole in one insurance package is the yardage of the hole hosting the grand prize. Every golfer who has ever played the game knows that the distance printed on a course's scorecard rarely matches the actual distance you play on a certain day. So what is a tournament organizer supposed to do when they are hosting a hole in one contest? Well the answer is actually a lot simpler than you might expect: ask!

The truth is that the majority of golf courses will permit you to make certain changes to the course's set up on the day of your event. For example, if you were to ask the golf pro to set your tee markers as far back as possible on a certain hole, 9 times out of 10, they will accommodate your request. So, when you are trying to finalize the details of the par 3 hole that will be hosting your hole in one contest, we usually recommend you do the following: first, use the distance printed on the scorecard. Doing so removes most chances of making a significant mistake. After all, if you pick the furthest distance back and then leave it to the greenskeeper to set that yardage, any other yardage on that particular tee box will be incorrect and if incorrectly set, could potentially negate the opportunity for a winner, per your hole in one insurance coverage.

Now, having selected the distance printed on the scorecard, inform your contact person at the golf course that you are hosting a hole in one contest, have secured coverage for that contest and MUST have the distance on that hole set accordingly. Most golf pros will have come across hole in one insurance at some point during their careers, so they will certainly understand the potential reprecussions of an incorrect distance. Also important to note is that a longer distance than that signed-up for is perfectly acceptable. For example, if your hole in one coverage calls for the hole to be 150 yards, and the golfers actually play from 162 yards, there is no problem; your winners will still receive their prizes. It is only in instances where the distance is shorter that you can encounter problems with claiming a hole in one contest prize.

If you are wondering how the golf pro can possibly guarantee that the hole will be set to an exact distance on tournament day, the trick is that they will use a laser-enabled gadget that calculates the yardage exactly. Without getting too scientific, the tool is aimed at the flagstick, a laser beam is emitted, bounces off the flag stick and returns to the tool. Using some complex calculations that none of us have seen since physics class in high school, the exact distance between the tool and the flag is calculated and returned.

So, that's all that you need to know about yardages and hole in one insurance. If you have any further questions regarding the topic, don't hesitate to contact one of Foresite Sports' knowledgable tournament consultants with your questions.