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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Odd Hole In One Odds

What are the odds of making a hole in one on the 15th hole at the Cavendish Club in Buxton, Scotland, and then making another ace at the exact same hole the very next time you play there?

That's the question Howell Hawkins may be asking himself as he accomplished this unique feat recently. According to a report published in the Buxton Advertiser, Hawkins, a 27 handicap, played at Cavendish on December 19th and made his first ace. After buying a few rounds of drinks to commemorate the feat, he went home and wouldn't return to Cavendish until January 23rd. In ugly weather out on the course, Hawkins repeated his feat by making another ace on the same hole.

Interestingly enough, Cavendish was designed by famed course designer Robert Mackenzie, the same man who sculped Augusta National, home to The Masters. In fact, the infamous par three 12th hole at Augusta is purported to be based on his previous design of the 15th at Cavendish.

Of course, here at Foresite Sports, as leaders in hole in one insurance, we're interested in what the odds of this fantastic feat would be. Well, without further ado, the odds of Mr. Hawkins' accomplishment are 1 in 156,250,000. You would actually have a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery than repeating the feat.