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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pakistan's Suspicious Hole In One Claims

The 16th hole at the Islamabad Golf Club is challenging. A par 4 hole, it measures 277 yards from tee to green. The green is surrounded by water on three sides, and the fourth is guarded by deep, sandy bunkers. Even seeing the green from the tee box is a feat as the line of sight is guarded by a grouping of large trees to discourage anyone from even thinking about driving the green. Yet despite the menacing layout of this difficult hole, 30 names are proudly displayed in the clubhouse for successfully making a hole in one at the 16th.

Curious about this seeming impossibility, a reporter from Pakistan's The News, decided to visit the club and ask about the validity of these claims. According to Ansar Abbasi's published report, his inquiries were routinely met with chuckles from golfers and caddys alike. It seems as though the club, run by local bureaucrats, has played host to a number of visiting politicians, diplomats and other dignitaries, and for a large fee, the club can verify audacious claims of a hole in one at the famed 16th hole. A review of the list of 30 seems to apparently verify this notion as the rundown is a who's who of Pakistan's elite citizenry.

Taimoor Hasan, secretary of the Pakistan Golf Association, was even interviewed and in response the to the claim of a hole in one by a particular golfer remarked, "He is very proud of it but we are not." How's that for support!

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