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Thursday, February 14, 2008

USGA Amends Rules On Hole In One Prizes...Again

A little while ago, we outlined some important changes to the Rules of Golf that the USGA instituted in 2006. Before that time, amateur golfers who accepted hole in one contest prizes valued above $750 lost their amateur status. Recognizing how silly this rule was, the governing body of golf amended the rules to allow hole in one prize winners to keep their prizes and their amateur status as long as the hole in one took place during the normal course of play (i.e. no driving range contests or post-round shootouts).

Well, for 2008, the USGA has made a slight amendment again to this important hole in one contest ruling. It seems as though in changing the rule in 2006, the USGA failed to indicate that accepting cash prizes was acceptable. Cars, boats, houses, planes: these were all alright because they were physical prizes, but cash itself was a bit of a question mark. Well, to satisfy the calls of every 'legal eagle-eye' out there, they changed the rule again to include the popular cash prize as an acceptable form of reward as well. Hooray!!!

Truth be told, we here at Foresite Sports didn't even notice this negligable omission the first time. We know, we know, some hole in one insurance provider we are, right? Well, thankfully the USGA has corrected all ills with regard to this important rule. So, rest assured, that cash prize you accepted sometime between 2006-2007 didn't terminate your amateur status!