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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Three Holes In One on Same Day

We just heard a story of a man in Florida who hit three holes in one on the same day. Apparently, Bob Beattie was playing at his home course (Six Lakes Country Club) in North Fort Myers last week when he hit a hole in one on three different par three holes that day. The first hole in one came on the 13th hole while he was playing in his weekly men's league event. He then hit a hole in one just two holes later on number 15. Realizing that he should keep playing golf (why stop when you are on such a roll) he played another round of golf with his wife later that day and hit a third hole in one on hole number 5.

A couple questions come to mind when I hear of a story like this. How good of a golfer and how old is this guy? Well, his wife has been playing two years longer than he and he's 80 years old! What are the odds of hitting three holes in one out of 24 holes (the course has 12 par-3's and he played the golf course twice that day)? About 966 Million to 1. Did he win a prize on any of the holes? From what we can tell there were not any prizes on the holes so it sounds like Bob went home empty handed. Did he have to buy 3 rounds of drinks in the clubhouse or just the first round? We haven't been able to get any confirmation regarding this. We'll just assume he picked up the entire bar tab knowing that this will probably never happen again!

The lessen in all of this is that you never know who is going to hit the hole in one, when it is going to happen and how many times it will happen at your event. That's exactly why you should be sure to cover your next golf tournament with hole in one insurance. Imagine how much bigger Bob's story would have been if he won a new car on one hole, $50,000 cash on another hole and a new house on the third hole all in one day!