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Friday, October 24, 2008

Top Celebrities in the Golf World

We all see pictures in the tabloids of stars hitting the links and they certainly dress the part of a pro golfer but can any of them actually hold their own on the golf course? Surprisingly enough there are some stars out there that take the game of golf as more than just a hobby and are serious about the game. According to various polls the top celebrity golfer with a remarkable handicap of 1.1 is Dennis Quad who belongs to Bel-Air Country Club in Beverly Hills. Other celebs that lead the pack are Tony Romo, the NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys who played this past summer along side of other well known celebrity golfer Justin Timberlake as well as Matt Lauer in an event held by Golf Digest. The three played with the Golf Digest contest winner, John Atkinson, at Torrey Pines just days before the start of the U.S. Open. Romo came out the winner of the foursome scoring at 84 proving himself to some pros who doubted that he would break 100 on one of the most difficult golf courses in the country.

Many celebrities such as Justin Timberlake run their own golf tournament however one of the biggest celebrity turn outs occurs in The Bob Hope Classic played this year at the Palmer Private Course at PGA West. Some big name celebrities that have played in past tournament have been Joe Pesci, Samuel L. Jackson, Clint Eastwood, and Luke Wilson. Look out for this years Bob Hope Classic starting in mid January and see if the celebrities can hold their own next to the games top players.

Foresite Sports covers hole in one prizes for many of these celebrity golf tournaments including the Shane Victorino Celebrity Golf Tournament coming up in November 2008. All of us here are rooting for the Shane Victorino and the rest of the Phillies in the 2008 World Series. Go Phillies!