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Hole In One Insurance News - Foresite Sports

Friday, November 21, 2008

Update :: Hocker Puts Another Ace On His Score Card

Curt Hocker has now been nicknamed “The Hole In One Kid” and rightly so after sinking another hole in one on Friday November 14th. After a remarkable five aces in one week alone Hocker did it again with his hole in one on the 155 yard, #3 hole at El Paso Golf Club. This makes eight aces total this year for the young golfer, five of the hole in ones being on par 4 holes!

The golf pro at El Paso, Steve Fulton, calls the event “mind boggling” but has no doubt in the 22 year old. Hocker has had playing partners at every hole in ones and over 20 eyewitnesses in total. Hocker himself was in amazement of Friday afternoons hole in one, when he drove up to the hole he did not see the ball right away he assumed it had rolled into one of the sand traps next to the hole. It was not until his playing partner walked over to the green to spot the ball in the hole. Hocker was in complete disbelief that he hit his 11th hole in one of his golfing career just days after his unbelievable feat of five aces in one week.

Hocker has become a recognized in recent golf news and not just here at Foresite Sports. Hocker’s story will be reported in Sports Illustrated as well as a feature article in Golf Digest. Hocker and his playing partners said that last Friday might have been the last round of golf they will get in for the year but what a way to end it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Young Golfer Scored Five Aces In One Week!!

Hole in one insurance took on a whole knew meaning at El Paso Golf Club in Central Illinois where the 22 year hole Curt Hocker scored an impressive 5 holes in one in one week at the local golf club. Hocker’s story would be unbelievable to most so fortunately his family and friends were there to witness some of them. He can hardly believe it himself saying, “I don’t know what to think, after each one I say it’s over, and it keeps happening.” Hocker didn’t make these aces in any tournaments for prizes however the club offers a different type of insurance where they have to pay for drinks for everyone in the clubhouse every time a hole in one is made. Needless to say if Hocker keeps this up he might be putting the clubhouse bar out of business!

Can you even imagine the amount of prizes that Hocker would have walked away with if his play was insured by Foresite Sports? When Foresite Sports insures your event, we take into account what most think is impossible; multiple holes in one in one event. This is why included with the insurance for most grand prizes we cover multiple holes in one. This is most commonly referred to as prize restoration which means that the prize will reset in the case of multiple holes in one. This is extremely important when purchasing hole in one insurance just in case your golfers break the odds that day and more than one scores and ace. With Foresite Sports you are automatically covered for that second hole in one so you won’t have to worry about a thing with two people make hole in ones for a $30,000 new car!

Friday, November 7, 2008

What Should I Give Away?

Here a Foresite Sports we often get the question “What kind of prizes can I insure?” We offer various prize recommendations to our customers but in reality you can insure whatever prize you want. It’s completely up to you as the client as to what kind of prize to give away at your golf tournament. Foresite Sports will insure prizes as little as $2,000 all the way up to grand prizes of $1,000,000!

Most popular of all in the grand prize area is definitely the cash prize because everyone likes the freedom to do what they want with their winnings. However other extremely popular prizes with Foresite Sports are the golf vacations which are valued at $10,000 and are a fun alternative to cash. We offer four main destinations for the ultimate golf getaway including luxurious places like Hawaii and Spain as well as the world’s most popular golf spots like Pebble Beach and St. Andrew’s. All four packages are specialized to each location and include hotel, airfare and golf.

Foresite Sports has added some new prize recommendations as well such as the Bose Home Entertainment Package and in the spirit of “going green,” the new Ford Escape Hybrid. All of the grand prizes and descriptions can be seen on our website under “Prize Recommendations” but Foresite Sports will insure other prizes including any other vehicles or customized prize packages you as the client would like to put together for your golf tournament.