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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Hole In One Times 3 for this Florida Resident!

For those who have never hit a hole in one, do not feel bad. The fact is it is rare to do so. Yet, one man has hit his third hole in one. Imagine being able to claim that! Here is how it played out.

Jack Gronwoldt of Palm Coast was playing on the South Hampton course in St. Augustine, Florida. The course is rather well known in the area as one of the finer quality golf courses. He aced the third hole on the course, from 122 yards out. He used his driver to accomplish the feat.

Interestingly, that is not all that happened that day in June. Another golfer, Dicker Ackerman, was playing at Spruce Creek course, which is located in Port Orange. He earned the coveted eagle. He spun a three iron from 175 yards out. It went right into the cup on the 14th hole. That hole has a par 4 that stretches some 425 yards away.

What does this show you? On any given day in the great game of golf, fantastic things happen, including the coveted hole in one. It can happen to anyone, and it can happen more than one time.

For those who are going up against Jack Gronwoldt, with his three hole in ones under his belt, it must be a bit nerve wracking! Imagine playing in a golf tournament with Jack (we definitely hope that facility has made the decision to have hole in one insurance!). Still, you never know what can happen when you hit the green.