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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hole in One….on a par 4???

According to a Golf Digest study in 1999, the odds of a tour player making a hole in one are 3000 to 1. The odds for a low handicapper are 5000 to 1, and for an average golfer the odds are 12 000 to 1. Those odds are insurmountable for most of us. However, there are those lucky few who get that golden ace on a par 3, but what about on a par 4? All of us at Foresite Sports would like to congratulate Doug Johnson for getting a hole in one on a par 4 and in turn defying crazy odds.

Patrick Jones, a reporter for the Natchez Democrat newspaper in Mississippi, tells us that Doug Johnson, “who lives in McKinney, Texas, was in town for the South Natchez Class of 1989’s 20-year reunion.” Being an avid golfer, Doug Johnson “decided to play 36 holes with his fellow South Natchez 1989 graduate Tee Cotten at Duncan Park Golf course.” Patrick Jones’ report then informs us that “on the 12th hole Johnson made a double-eagle from 290 yards out with a driver. It was his first-ever hole in one and he will never forget it.”

Doug Johnson recalls hitting the shot pretty well and being concerned that his ball was off the green. In the report, “Cotton also said he knew Johnson’s tee shot was a good one, but he never envisioned it eventually finding its way into the cup.” Johnson was first to tee off. The ball went left of the bunker and took two hops before it rolled up on the green. After that, they couldn’t see the ball’s eventual path into the hole.

Cotton then recollected that he and Doug have “played a lot of rounds together, probably over 100. They started playing golf at Duncan Park, so it was pretty special.” Consequently, we at Foresite Sports are firm believers that golf is a great game that allows anybody to build lifetime friendships. Ironically we also believe that if you need hole in one insurance, million dollar shoot out coverage and other golf tournament services, you should explore all of the possibilities that we offer.