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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Foresite Sports’ Favorite Golf Websites

Nowadays the internet makes a lot of things possible. There are a lot of websites that can help all golfers improve their game. For this article we will focus solely on Golf.com which has a very impressive layout. We would expect nothing less of a Sports Illustrated and CNN Network Site. The Home Page displays the latest leader boards for the respective pro tours. There are numerous galleries of the players in all these tournaments. Phil Mickelson’s recent hole in one was in one of those galleries. For all those Tiger Woods fans there is a tiger-tracker section that has almost everything about him, from pictures of his children to pictures that show how his swing has evolved over the years.

The instruction section of this website is very comprehensive. There is a feature that allows anyone to send questions or a swing video to a Top 100 Teacher so that he or she can provide a cure to whatever swing fault you have. Top 100 teachers like Brady Riggs and Martin Hall have a lot of very insightful instructional videos that can be viewed for free. Sites like Golflink.com do not offer this. On top of this a portion of the instruction section is devoted to Dave Pelz, the short game guru. Moreover, swing sequences of the top pros allow the more eager golfer to see the positions that these world class pros get into.

Next is the equipment section that tests and rates almost every club from every brand out there. The buyers’ guide section is very informative. We at Foresite Sports also recommend the buyer’s guide at Golftipsmag.com. If you just feel like playing golf Foresite Sports advises you to have a look at the exquisitely designed courses that are featured in the courses and travel section.

With all that said we also recommend that you visit our own website for complete information on hole in one insurance. We also have a colorful array of sponsor signs that we make for our clients for a reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!