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Friday, July 10, 2009

Perseverance Pays At the End of the Day

Many golfers have played for years; me included, and still haven’t got that elusive hole in one. Dewey Lewis of Monroe, Michigan is one of them. According to Monroe News he is 79 and has been golfing since he was 10. They go on to mention that he has obviously hit hundreds of thousands of shots in his career. The interesting thing is that he hadn’t got a hole in yet. During an interview with Monroe News Lewis said that he had been two or three inches from the hole several times, but this was his first hole-in-one.

Lewis went on to say that it was the most perfect shot he’s ever hit. He used a 5-wood to ace the 138-yard 17th hole on the West Course at Raisin River Golf Club. The report then makes a valid point when it says that being able to shoot an 18-hole score lower than your age is rarer than a hole-in-one. Lewis has accomplished that feat twice. The report provides more precise details when it says that at the age of 76, Lewis shot a 74 at Links at Lake Erie. Lewis shot 78 the day he had the ace.

The last part of the report shares some information on Lewis’ early life. We learn that he started playing at Middlesboro Country Club in Kentucky. At age 10, he was a caddy. His father was a coal miner, they didn’t have much money and there were seven children. Now, he has been retired for 15 years so he has a good amount of time to go golfing. Lewis unfortunately has corroded arteries in his neck so he has not been able to play that much.

Altogether we would like to congratulate Mr. Lewis for finally breaking through and getting that coveted hole in one. Speaking of hole in ones, we encourage you to choose Foresite Sports for hole in one insurance coverage. We also offer other golf tournament services as well as insurance services for other sporting events. Call 888-882-5440 for more information.