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Hole In One Insurance News - Foresite Sports

Friday, July 17, 2009

What is Hole In One Insurance?

Hole In One Insurance can be one of the smartest investments any contest holder has. Perhaps you have seen other companies or programs offering high prizes for those who sign up for their contest and get a hole in one. Thousands of dollars may seem like too much for your company to afford to pay out should a winner hit the hole in one. The good news is, if you have purchased Hole In One insurance, you do not have to pay out a thing.

Here Is How It Works

With this type of insurance, you can take in all of the contestants you would like to without worrying about not being able to pay out. Check out how other companies use this service to draw in golfers and turn better profits.

• Secure Hole In One Insurance. This indemnification policy is affordable and easy to obtain in most instances.
• Advertise your tournament or special contest. Be sure to proudly let interested parties know about the potential they have to win thousands of dollars by hitting a hole in one during your event. If they hit an ace, they win the money.
• Enjoy your signups for the contest. The better advertised it is, the better your profits will be for the event.
• If there is someone that hits the hole in one on the golf course event, you do not pay anything. The insurance policy you have purchased pays out to the winner. You still keep your profits!

For many businesses, drawing customers in is the difficult part. A widely advertised program like this type of contest may be an ideal way to make the money you want, without risking paying out the prize money.