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Hole In One Insurance News - Foresite Sports

Friday, August 7, 2009

Can A Golf Contest Provide More Interest Among Customers?

According to recent reports, many golf courses are struggling to keep their greens open to the public. Even those more elite golf clubs are struggling to keep membership numbers high. Call it a sign of the times, where people are watching virtually every penny they spend. For many golf courses, shutting the fairways for good seems like the only option. Yet, some courses are trying something new in that they are offering high stakes contests to draw in people.

Individuals may need a little motivation to get back out onto the green. This can be accomplished through a golf related tournament or contest with a high payout. For example, hosting a $1 million shootout is definitely a way to draw golfers back into the game. A putting challenge can also work. Offering a large prize to those who are able to hit the very difficult shot is a great way to bring people in.

Golf courses do not have to cover the payouts even if there is a winner. Rather, they can use Foresite Sports. This company provides insurance to cover the event winnings so that the golf course does not have to. If the golfer does hit the hole in one, for example, they will collect the winnings from Foresite Sports rather than the golf course directly. The golf course is only obligated to pay a fee for using the insurance.

Courses that are in need of more regular golfers may wish to use this type of tournament to help raise awareness to membership discounts or green fee discounts to those who participate in the tournament or challenge. It is an excellent way to get people back into the clubhouse.