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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cost of Hole In One Golf Insurance

Many people like the idea of offering a special event where they can bring in a group of golfers and offer a big-ticket prize to anyone able to hit the impossible shot. But, paying for these out of the funds brought in by most golf courses is not often feasible. The best route to take to offer this opportunity is to use Hole in One Insurance. Offered by US Hole in One, this type of insurance pays out if someone wins the prize so that your company does not have to do so.

The cost of using hole in one coverage is dependent on several factors including:

• The number of golfers at the event
• The distance of the Par 3 hole that will be used in the hole in one event
• And the value of the hole in one prize that you wish to give out to any winners of the contest

The more golfers, the more valuable the prize and the fewer yards away from the hole, the higher the cost is for this type of insurance.

It is important to note, though, that hole in one insurance is quite affordable even at the highest level. For example, let's say that you have 72 players and want to give away a $50,000 cash prize. You would pay US Hole in One just $727 to obtain this coverage.

When you consider the publicity for the event, the draw of bringing people into the golf course, the signups for memberships you receive, and so forth, this will likely pay for itself. To get more accurate figures, contact a US Hole in One contest consultant and learn more about hosting your event.