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Friday, August 21, 2009

Righty & Lefty Hole In One!

Hitting a hole in one is incredibly difficult for anyone to do. Many of today's professional golf players never are able to hit even one. One man in Bowling Green, Ohio was lucky enough to hit not one, but two holes in one in the game. In addition, he hit them using both a right handed club and a left handed club. Interestingly, he says he is not much of a golfer!

The man, Ed Platzer of Bowling Green, was able to hit a left-handed hole in one in June of 2009. This adds to his previous right handed hole in one he hit some 15 years earlier. It may have been a long gap, but it was a very successful event.

What makes this story even more interesting is that the United States Golf Register has been unable to locate anyone else who has ever hit both a right handed and a left handed hole in one in the company's database. The United States Golf Register tracks holes in one across the country. Its database spans some 13 years worth of history.

Mr. Platzer says that he is a naturally left handed person but he learned to play golf using his right handed clubs mainly because he could not locate any left handed clubs during that time. he changed things up about four years ago when he found the left handed clubs he needed. He has been using those clubs since. Although he claims not to be a good golfer, this rare feat is one that will be historic for some time.

It doesn’t appear that Mr. Platzer won any prize for achieving either of his holes in one which makes me wonder why the tournament director at those events didn’t purchase hole in one insurance from a company like Foresite Sports. I’ll bet Mr. Platzer is wondering the same thing!