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Hole In One Insurance News - Foresite Sports

Friday, October 30, 2009

How To Make A Hole In One

Here are Foresite Sports’ recommended steps to getting a hole-in-one. Granted the odds are against you and luck is a big factor, following these steps will give you the best chance possible.

Firstly we advise you get a couple of lessons from a PGA Professional. This professional will help you improve your golf swing. The fundamentals of a good golf swing should never go unnoticed. First your alignment should be spot on. This means that your feet, hips and shoulders should be aligned parallel-left to your target. The best way to imagine this is to think of two parallel railway tracks. Your feet are on the inner track and your target line is the outer track. Once you align yourself correctly you are closer to making that hole-in-one. The professional will then teach you how to make a powerful backswing and through swing.

Next your clubs should be fitted to your body type. A bad carpenter does blame his or her tools but when it comes to golf your “tools” have to match your body. That way you can stay in your posture and send that little ball into the cup for a hole-in-one.

Visualization is important! You need to see that hole-in-one happening and yourself driving away in that brand new car, thanks to the presence of hole-in-one insurance. That should make for a smooth drive with your hair blowing in the wind. Speaking of hole-in-one insurance, where do you plan on getting it from? Well Foresite Sports is your best bet. Our hole-in-one insurance is affordable and definitely provides the prizes that you want. In the past we have given away numerous BMW’s, vacation trips and cash prizes. If you want to know more you could always look at our website.