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Friday, October 16, 2009

What are the Odds of Hitting a Hole In One?

A question often asked…just how hard is it to hit a hole in one on a golf course? By some estimates, on any given par 3 hole, the odds of hitting a hole in one is 1 in 12,500 attempts. Those odds may look like they are too high to be considered good, but when you consider the some of these other facts; you will see that those odds really do look good.

For example, the odds of hitting an ace on a designated hole, by an average player, are 1 in 12,500. However, the likelihood of hitting two holes in one during a single round jumps to 1 in 26,045,834. The odds of hitting back-to-back hole in ones, those odds are even higher at 1 in 156,250,000.

On the other hand, the professional golfer has much better odds. The professional golfer's odds of hitting a hole in one on a designated hole are just 1 in 2,500. That means if you have a full field of professional golfers playing in a tournament, which equates to 144 golfers in the event, then the odds of hitting a hole in one by someone in the field are just 1 in 22.

What does this all mean to you? If you are a golfer, you can see just how much work (and time on the greens) it will take you to hit your ace.

For those considering the benefits of hosting a hole in one tournament or even a shootout, the good news is that these odds can work in your favor. However, even if you want to avoid the risk associated with such win, contact Foresite Sports to learn how this type of insurance can help you to sponsor an excellent event without the risks.