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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Couple of Tips for Better Par 3 Scoring

Most high handicappers dread par 3 holes. Foresite Sports doesn’t have the same perspective though. We love holes in one. Why? Mainly because we provide hole in one insurance and love to see people occasionally make one. The rewards are great too. We’ve helped give away grand prizes that include: brand new cars, vacation packages and $100,000 cash prizes.

So this time we are going to give you some simple tips that will improve your ballstriking. The first is to ALWAYS check your alignment. They say, “What’s the point of firing a gun if it’s not aimed at anything.” Well if you want to get that first hole-in-one it helps if you aim right. So make sure that u adopt a stance where your feet, hips and shoulders are square.

The next tip addresses your grip. Ben Hogan, one of the best ball-strikers of all time, firmly believed that good golf starts with a good grip. A flawed grip will cause unwanted hooks and fades that will result in your tee shot going way offline. He made a lot of holes-in-one so he knew what he was talking about. Some of the world’s best players idolized him.

The world’s best iron players all have a common trait. At impact their hands are always ahead of the ball. High handicappers try to scoop the ball up in the air and their hands tend to be behind the ball at impact. This causes them to top the ball or hit it fat. Instead they should start their downswing by shifting their left hip if they’re right-handed or their right hip if they’re left-handed. This should allow them to hit down on the ball and compress the ball. Another way to think of compression is to squeeze the ball into the ground with your clubface at impact.

These tips might not get you a hole-in-one, but they will hopefully improve your iron play and shave some strokes off of your game. We are Foresite Sports and we do care about. If you need hole-in-one insurance or other contest services for golf outings call us at 888-882-5440.