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Friday, November 6, 2009

Four Year Old Gets Hole In One

What a story we have here! A toddler recently did the unthinkable. According to the Sun Sentinel in Florida Alex Heard made his first hole in one. The article on www.sunsentinel.com says that, “it was a hot and muggy afternoon in Boca Raton, and after playing six holes, Diane Heard asked her son Alex if he wanted to quit so they could go home and take a swim.”

However the persistent youngster convinced his mother to keep going. What happened next is described in the same article as follows:

“Alex's father, Rick, teed up the ball, and Alex took out his driver, looked at the flag about 80 yards away sitting up on a hill, and swung. The contact was solid, the ball went straight and bounced up the hill, onto the green and rolled into the hole.”

"A lot of screaming," is how Alex remembers the moment, as mom, dad and Alex jumped around on the tee.

"He's pretty accomplished for his age, but I never expected that, not this soon," Rick Heard said.

“Alex, who is 3 feet, 5 1/2 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds, was destined to take up the game, since his father is a PGA teaching professional.”

Another interesting thing that we learned from reading this article is that, “Alex was 4 years and 223 days old, with Guinness listing an age of 4 years and 195 days for Christian Carpenter, who did it in North Carolina in 1999.” Now that’s amazing!

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