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Friday, December 4, 2009

What’s Your Most Memorable Golf Memory?

Golf is a fantastic game in its purest form. In many ways it resembles life. It teaches young children about etiquette and integrity. In golf, it is your responsibility to call a penalty upon yourself whenever you do something wrong. It is a gentleman’s game. Every weekend golfers all across the country meet new people on the golf course. Foresite Sports attests that lifetime friendships can be made on a golf course, as well indelible moments. So what is your most memorable moment on a golf course?

Was it winning a tournament? During the heat of competitive golf adrenalin finds its way into your blood and gives you a rush. That’s why some say that winning I addictive. Or was it a moment with a child or parent? Numerous parents teach their children how to play golf. It is a great bonding activity that is fun and productive. Golf jokes are present in abundance. A lot of them are funny too. Was it a joke that a playing partner made that had you laughing uncontrollably like an infant?

Or maybe was it a hole in one? The most sought after golf shot. How happy did it make you feel? Were you on top of the world? Did you have to buy the whole clubhouse drinks? Or, were your playing partners kind enough to buy you drinks?

So what’s in store in the future? What’s going to be your next memorable golfing event? We would be emphatic if it is a hole in one on a par 3 hole that is insured by Foresite Sports. That would be truly memorable, because you could walk away with a prize. This prize could be anything from a car to a cash prize depending on what the tournament director has in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to tell the tournament director at your golf club about us. We are Foresite Sports and we can be contacted at 888 882 5440.