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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kid's Getting Holes In One!

In the past several weeks, it seems that the news media has at least one story circling around a child achieving a hole in one. The latest is an 11 year old golfer from Minnesota who has already been golfing for five years. He aced hole number 8 for 115 yards at Lester Park’s Lake Nine.

Another young golfer, Ethan Clay has achieved something that many golfers only dream of. There are golfers that have been golfing most of their lives and they have not achieved this feat. But leave it to a child to make it happen. Ethan wasn’t even sure if he had made the shot because he saw the ball bounce right before the hole after he hit it with his nine-iron. He never thought that he would ever make a hole in one, but it did happen.

And being that this is young Ethan’s first hole in one, it is fair to say that it is probably not his last. When asked what his next goal is, Ethan stated that his goal is to get back-to-back aces. Because he plays golf three to four times per week in the summer, that might just happen. But what is amazing is that his round at Lake Nine was his first for the season, so he has certainly set a standard for himself.

Ethan has also set quite a standard for the many other kids out there playing golf. With all of these young golfers making holes in one, it does make you wonder what is in the water. Then again, kids just might be getting better at their craft.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Shot Deficits Are Nothing When Your Name is Tiger

Tiger Woods is well known for coming through in the clutch, especially on the back nine of a Sunday Round. At the 2009 Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida Tiger had some seriously clutch shots and played an amazing back nine, topping it off with a fifteen foot birdie putt on the 18th hole to win the match. And he did all this in his first big match since his knee surgery.

Sean O’Hair, a West Chester local and fan favorite in the Philadelphia area, had some very tough luck as he was defeated by one stroke after Tiger’s huge birdie putt. When Tiger sank the last putt, he and his caddy had a huge celebratory hug in the middle of the green, which really demonstrated the excitement and importance of this win.

After pulling off his comeback, a comeback which tied his largest ever come from behind win by overcoming a five stroke deficit, Tiger said “It feels good to back in contention, to feel the rush.” This was the third time Tiger Woods has clinched a victory at Bay Hill by sinking a birdie putt on the last hole of the last day. Now if your wondering if Tiger hit a hole in one during that tournament the answer is no. He does have 18 holes in one in his lifetime with the first one coming at age 6. It’s inevitable that he will have more, especially now that he is back in true Tiger Woods form!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Variety is the Spice of Life and Golf!

If you have been wondering how to change up a golf outing to make it more fun or to give your players a new experience they won’t forget, there are some simple variations on scoring that can make the difference. For a stroke play golf match, each golfer usually hits their own ball, and then depending on which scoring method you are using, a team or individual score is recorded.

One type of stroke play scoring is called “Best Ball.” In this game type teams of two golfers compete against other groups. Each golfer plays their own ball for the entire whole and the lowest score of the team is recorded as the teams score for that whole. So if one player scores a bogey on a par 3, and his teammate gets a hole in one, only the hole in one counts. This can also be used in teams of three or four depending on how you have arranged the teams for your tournament.

There are many other variations available for scoring a golf tournament. When deciding how to score your golf outing, you should take into consideration the handicaps of all competing players. If teams are likely to have a single golfer who is considerably better than the other team members, Best Ball might not be as fun because most of the scores would probably come from the best golfer.

Another thing to consider when running your golf event is the type of on course contests you are going to offer. Conducting a hole in one contest, putting contest or million dollar shootout will certainly add to the excitement of your event and hopefully boost the number of golfers at your event.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Golf As A Great Philosophy!

Who doesn’t love skipping out of work early on a Friday afternoon to get in a round of golf, but better yet raise over $250 million while playing? Despite any alternative motives, golf fundraisers are a great source of fundraising for many non-profits. It has been estimated that golf fundraising events raise over $250 million, per year, for their respective cause. Over the course of a year, it is estimated that over 400,000 golf tournaments and events are held!

With such large amounts of money being raised each year through golf events, more and more non-profit organizations are using the sport as their major fundraising effort. Although profitable, holding a golf event may not be as easy as it seems, mainly because many non-profit organizers may not be overly familiar with the sport. In addition, hiring a golf pro to organize an event or lend advice can be costly for these non-profits who are working towards maximizing any profits by holding events for as little as possible. Mainly, many organizers are not familiar with the different golf tournament formats that may be utilized, which can impact how enjoyable the tournament is. The most common format for fundraiser is the four man scramble, but the stroke play golf format is also used, but less common. But with a little knowledge and organization, a golf event can be a great source of revenue.

Most tournament directors and/or sponsors turn towards a company like Foresite Sports to help with their hole in one insurance and golf tee sign needs. By utilizing a company like us the tournament can feature large prizes and promote their sponsors in a professional manner. It is these types of on course contests and attractive signs that will set one event apart from the rest. So next time your boss is giving you a hard time about skipping out of work early for a round of golf, remind him that you are doing your part to help a worthy cause.