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Friday, January 22, 2010

394 Yard Hole In One!

What’s the world’s longest hole in one on record? US Hole In One was able to discover that, back in July of 2002 in Colorado, one man drove the ball 517 yards on a par 5 hole and made a hole in one! Now the following story doesn’t qquite match up to the 500+ yard ace, however Tim Dougherty has a lot to brag about with his almost 400 yard hole in one.

Dougherty, an American from Iowa, was visiting New Zealand and playing Shandon Golf Club when the hole in one occurred. He hit a driver on the second hole, 394 yards, to score an ace on what is known as one of the courses hardest holes. Dougherty did not see the ball go in the hole, he describes the flight of the ball as right to left and the group searched for the ball for about five minutes before deciding to look in the hole. Needless to say the group was in shock and amazement of the incredible shot.

Dougherty is known around the club house as a big hitter and his 6 ft 3 inch build helps with the power behind his drives. There was not much doubt that Dougherty could hit the ball that far but as the pro at the course Glenn Naylor describes, “to hit it 394 yards and get it within the confines of a hole is pretty amazing.” This was Dougherty’s first ace and it looks like with his power there will be plenty more to come!