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Friday, January 8, 2010

Golf in 2010!

The New Year is almost upon us and we at Foresite Sports are wondering what golf in 2010 will be like. Will golf in 2009 be better than that in 2010 or will 2010 be better? Only time will tell.

What we do know is that the 2010 PGA Tour season will be exciting. Four Majors still have to be played which is a good thing. First the Masters in April, then the US Open at Pebble Beach in June. This will be followed by the British Open Championship in July which will be played at the home of golf, St Andrews. The PGA Championship will then be played at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. All this proves that 2010 will irrefutably be a good golfing year.

Hopefully, there will be a lot of holes-in-one in 2010. Holes-in-one, as you all know, are pretty exciting to watch on TV. Will they be on long holes or short ones? Also, will there be multiple hole in one shots at a tour event like at the 2009 BMW Championship. Will Leif Olson do the unthinkable and make another hole in one?

One thing that you can definitely bank on is that Foresite Sports will keep doing what it does best. Our hole in one insurance is available in all states. YES IN ALL STATES! So don’t miss out. Whatever prize you would like to give out, Foresite Sports can make it happen. Also you wouldn’t want any aces to go unrewarded. That’s what happens when there is no hole-in-one insurance and it’s not for the best. Making a hole in one is a special accomplishment but doing that with the bonus of receiving a prize has to be better. So, if you want to make the change, you can visit is online or you could call us at 888-882-5440. We really look forward to working with you.