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Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Holes In One For Michigan Native

Some golfers go their whole golf career without ever hitting a hole in one. The odds of hitting a hole in one for an average golfers are 1 in 12,500 and is by no means an easy accomplishment for anyone stepping foot onto the links. When and if a golfer scores his first ace the process involves a lot of celebration. First the situation seems unbelievable; the foursome jumps up and down on the tee box and usually ends the day buying rounds of drinks for the clubhouse in celebration. From that point on the golfer has a story to tell for years to come. Now take the greatness of that situation and repeat it two days later, this is exactly what happened to Jim Voss when he scored his first hole in one on Tuesday then another ace on Thursday.

Voss, a Michigan native, spends his winters in Hudson, Florida and has partial golf membership at River Ridge Golf Course in New Port Richey, Florida. Voss’s first hole in one was on number 9, a par 3 95-yard hole using a 9 iron. Number 9 is a short hole but by no means an easy par 3. The green lies behind a sand trap so the foursome was unable to witness the ball going in the hole but found it in the cup when they traveled down to the green. The second hole in one, just two days later, was on a longer par 3, playing 132 yards, Voss used his 8 iron. Voss did get to see this ace as hit landed about 3 feet from the hole and dropped right into the cup. Voss is known around the course as a great golfer and two aces in 48 hours further proves his great abilities! Congratulation to Jim Voss!