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How Long Does It Take To Secure Hole In One Insurance?
Hole in one contest coverage - commonly known as "hole in one insurance" - can be secured very quickly, sometimes in as little as a few hours.

At Foresite Sports, our timeline is really dictated by whether or not you require contest signs for your event. Letís say you do not need signs, in this case we can actually secure your hole in one insurance on the day of the event. So, for example, if you arrive at the golf course on tournament day and suddenly realize that you forgot to purchase hole in one coverage, you can give us a call and we can have you covered by the time the first golfer tees off!

However, if you need or want contest signs for your hole in one contest, then our timeline changes a bit. Because it takes time to print your signage and send it out to you, we need at the very least 24 hours to get your prize package in place. This gives us enough time to print your signage and then send it out via overnight delivery sot that you have it in time for your golf outing.

So, to summarize, if you need signs, you have to give us at least 24 hours to get your hole in one coverage in place. If you donít need signs, we can get you hole in one insurance almost instantly. One other important date to keep in mind would be 10 days before your event date. If you send us an application for prize coverage at least ten days before your event, and you request hole in one contest signage, there will be no shipping fee. For applications received within ten days of the event date there is a shipping fee of $25 or $50 depending on where youíre located.