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What Is A Scramble?
Well for starters it has nothing to do with eggs. The “Scramble” format is one of the most popular types of golf tournaments used today. It can be played with teams of two or four golfers, but most commonly uses four to a team. Handicaps are not often used, which makes it ideal for the more casual golf outings in which many players might not even keep track of their handicap, but also allows for plenty of fun for the more seasoned golfer who religiously attempts to lower his handicap.

To get a scramble started, each golfer hits his drive from the tee box. The best drive of the group is chosen, and each team member hits his second shot from that spot. Since many golfers have a problem keeping drives in the fairway, this format is great because it allows a golfer to just move on after a bad shot and keeps the speed of play up by not forcing a golfer to look for that ball that disappeared in the deep rough or creek bed. The game is continued in this way until the hole is completed, which usually allows for a better score than any individual team member could have received. The scramble tournament format has many variations and can be made more difficult or easier depending on the skill level of the golfers in your outing. But no matter how you play your scramble, it will increase both the fun and competitiveness of your outing and allow every team member to feel that they have contributed to their team’s score.