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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beginner's Luck!

A hole in one is exciting no matter how long you have been playing the game however there is a certain amount of accomplishment when you achieve an ace early in your golf career! This was the situation for Tanya Brooks a new member at Victor Harbor Golf Club who scored a hole in one after only four months of playing the game. Tanya sunk the shot on the seventh hole at Victor with her seven wood. She was unsure that the ball even went in the hole, thinking that since she didn’t see it on the green it must have rolled past. Her playing partners thought otherwise, her husband and two other golfers were jumping and yelling after the ball hit the green after they saw the ball roll in the hole! The celebration continued off the course after the news spread of her accomplishments. Brooks received a call from her father congratulating her for achieving an ace in only four months after he had been playing for over fifty years and still hasn’t seen one!

Brooks shares the love of the sport with her husband who like Brooks father has been playing much longer. Brooks says golf is a hobby that they can participate in together and playing with one another has benefited both of their handicaps! It was Brooks new years resolution to start playing in 2008 but never expected to be so successful in her first year! 2008 was sure good to Brooks and hopefully 2009 will bring more great accomplishments in their game of golf!