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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kid's Getting Holes In One!

In the past several weeks, it seems that the news media has at least one story circling around a child achieving a hole in one. The latest is an 11 year old golfer from Minnesota who has already been golfing for five years. He aced hole number 8 for 115 yards at Lester Park’s Lake Nine.

Another young golfer, Ethan Clay has achieved something that many golfers only dream of. There are golfers that have been golfing most of their lives and they have not achieved this feat. But leave it to a child to make it happen. Ethan wasn’t even sure if he had made the shot because he saw the ball bounce right before the hole after he hit it with his nine-iron. He never thought that he would ever make a hole in one, but it did happen.

And being that this is young Ethan’s first hole in one, it is fair to say that it is probably not his last. When asked what his next goal is, Ethan stated that his goal is to get back-to-back aces. Because he plays golf three to four times per week in the summer, that might just happen. But what is amazing is that his round at Lake Nine was his first for the season, so he has certainly set a standard for himself.

Ethan has also set quite a standard for the many other kids out there playing golf. With all of these young golfers making holes in one, it does make you wonder what is in the water. Then again, kids just might be getting better at their craft.