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Helpful Hole In One Insurance Resources: Articles

A discussion on the effect accepting a hole in one contest prize can have on a golfer's status as an amateur in the eyes of the USGA.

Ever wonder what the odds are of an amateur or professional golfer hitting a hole in one? This article explains the likelihood of this exciting event occurring, and also gives some very compelling reasons for why purchasing hole in one insurance isn't such a bad idea after all.

While hole in one insurance coverage is relatively affordable for any event, many tournament directors find it important to solicit sponsors for the contests. Doing so is an excellent way to diffuse the costs associated with putting on an exciting contest that is sure to please your participating golfers.

The price of hole in one insurance coverage is typcially determined by three simple pieces of information: the number of players in your event, the value of your hole in one prize and the yardage of the par 3 hole hosting your hole in one contest. This article outlines how they influence price and what you can do to make coverage more affordable.

Up against a deadline? This article details the timeline for securing hole in one insurance for your upcoming golf event.

An explanation of the insurance rating systems and what effect grades can have on hole in one contest coverages.

Can you secure coverage for a hole in one contest taking place on a par 4 hole? Find out the answer in this helpful article.

The top ten reasons to host a golf tournament and hole in one contest.

Helpful step-by-step instructions for setting up and running a successful golf outing.

A detailed rundown of the various things you must keep in mind and prepare for when running a successful golf event.

A discussion on how contest insurance works and why hole in one insurance can help your event be successful.

A discussion on what the Scramble format is for a golf tournament how it can be used to improve the type of tournament you host.

Most sports figures have some kind of superstition. Whether itís their favorite socks, pre-game warm-up, or celebration dance. For Angel Cabrera, his luck stems from the yellow shirt.

If golf is your business, you may have been hoping to host a $1 million golf shootout. It is possible to offer this type of impressive contest to your golf clients and not have to pay out of the pocket.

You know a good company when you see the guarantee. At Foresite Sports, the guarantee is obvious and it will benefit anyone that has been on the edge about whether or not they should use this hole in one insurance. You see, the company offers a 110 percent low price guarantee. What is that?