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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Golfer Nightmare :: Hole In One Turns Into Horrible Prank!

When you approach a par 4 hole, your goal is to try to reach the green, not hit a hole in one. But there is always that chance that if you can drive the hole, the ball could go in! After all anything can happen out on the golf course! Gary Miller from Citrus Heights, California is a big hitter and when he stepped up to hole number 15 on Whitney Oaks’ Golf Course a 315 yard downhill dogleg par 4 he had full intentions of going for the green. Miller set up so his ball would fly over the houses on the left of the tee box and get as close to the green as possible. Miller hit what he thought was a solid drive and expected to find it close to the green. Miller and his two friends who he was playing with, Joe Anderson and Keith Gault all walked up to the green and Miller’s ball was no where in sight. One of the playing partners walked over to the hole to find Millers ball sitting right there in the cup! Celebration started as everyone knows to hit a hole in one on a par 4 is certainly a reason to be excited. Miller and his buddies finished the round and sat down in the clubhouse for a beer to talk about the exciting day.

About a week later Miller approached the club pro as to why Millers great accomplishment hadn’t been mentioned in the weekly newsletter. The club pro then told Miller that a group of four men that were playing in front of them the week before came in and told him that the hole in one was fake, they were mad that Miller had hit into them on hole 15 so they put his ball in the hole out of frustration. Miller was extremely upset and claimed that he knows the rules of play and he made sure to check that the group was off the green before going for the green on 15 however the club pro could not record the alleged hole in one because no one from Millers group saw the ball go into the hole. Miller believes that the group in front of him were lying and that they just said that out of jealousy however there is no way to know for sure! Miller has one hole in one recorded and under his belt and although this one won’t be official, hopefully there will be more in his future!