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Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Are ‘The Rules Of Golf’ So Important!

Understanding the rules of golf is extremely important before you hit the links. The actions you make on the course don’t only affect you and your group but they also can affect the play of other golfers on the course. Knowing the rules of golf no doubt make the game safe and fair for all golfers, however having a strong understanding of the regulations can also help you in a bind. The pro’s seem to be the ones who are affected most by the rules of golf. An earlier blog reviewed last year top unfortunate events of pro golfers breaking the rule and costing them significant strokes and even disqualification in tournaments. Some pro’s however if they know their rule book can benefit from a rough condition they got themselves into. Tiger Woods is a great example of that!

The USGA recently announced the 10 year anniversary of Tiger’s “loose impediment” ruling at the 1999 Phoenix Open. January 31st 1999 Tiger Woods lost some control of his drive as it veered away from the fairway and landed directly behind a large stone. This was not your regular pebble that you could pick up or kick out of the way! The stone more like a mini boulder was reported to weigh almost a ton! Tiger asked a ruling official if the rock could be considered a “loose impediment” which according to Rule 23-1 can be removed (with assistance) in the case of it inconveniencing a shot. The officials could not find a reason why the stone would not fall under the regulation and with about 10 extra sets of hands the stone was removed and Tiger had a clear shot at the green. He went on to birdie the hole! If Tiger didn’t speak up about the ruling he would have been forced to either take a drop ball with an extra stroke or hit the ball out to a playable area.

Tiger’s story is a great example to how important it is to have a good understanding of the rules of golf. So next time you head out to the links make sure you grab your mini “Rules of Golf” book and zipper it up in your bag, it could save you some serious strokes!

Check out the video of Tiger’s “loose impediment” here - www.usga.org/multimedia/video6/