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Friday, April 17, 2009

Beginner's Luck at 62!

“I didn’t know it was that big of a deal, I thought all golfers do this.” That was the quote from Unni Haskell, the 62 year old golfer who hit a hole in one on her first swing during her first time playing on a golf course. The majority of golfers would never imagine that they would be able to hit a hole in one on their first time out on a golf course. In fact most hope and dream that they will hit an ace at any point in their career. The sad truth is that most will not! So to hear that Haskell took up golf just two months before her big hole in one is almost like a miracle!

The hole in one occurred at Cypress Links in St. Petersburg Florida on the first hole. The hole was 100 yards and the pro described the shot as flying 75 yards in the air, dropping on the green and rolling right into the hole. Haskell was playing with her teaching pro that day, Rick Sopka and he said that his plan for the day was a putting lesson. Haskell insisted on hitting the course without even teeing up on the range for a couple practice drives.

She must have had a good feeling about that day! Sopka said she teed right up, lined up with her target and went for it! Haskell and Sopka were both able to see the ball go in the hole as well as the group in front and behind the two. It seemed like the whole course was celebrating and Sopka reported that in all of his years of teaching he had never seen such a feat as a hole in one on the first swing! Sopka did deliver some bad news to Unni after all of this celebrating was over, he told her unfortunately it all goes down hill from here. Haskell will no doubt stick with the game and hopefully land some more aces!