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Friday, April 10, 2009

Woods Is A New Daddy!

In professional sports, talent usually runs in the family! Many father-son, brother or sister dream teams have developed in the sports world to be some of the best of the best athletes around. The Venus sisters are unstoppable on the tennis court and the Peyton brothers super bowl rings speak volumes for their success! In the golf world there is a new addition to the great Woods family and although it may be quite some time before we see little Charles Axel Woods out on the putting green this could be the start of something great. Needless to say if Tiger starts him down the same path that Tiger’s dad guided him, he will definitely make a name for himself on the links.

Tiger and Elin Woods welcomed their new baby boy, Charles on February 8th 2009. Charles is their second child, Sam Alexis their daughter, was born in June of 2007. If they start playing the game as early as their father than maybe it won’t be too long before we see little Charles and Sam out there!

Tiger has fully concentrated on his family during his recovery time from knee surgery shortly after the 2008 US Open. Torrey Pines was his last appearance not to mention victory in a tournament and return back to the game is fully anticipated by all golf fans. He is expected to come back to play in the Masters in April and I’m sure his fans will be pulling for a victory there!