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Friday, May 8, 2009

Variety is the Spice of Life and Golf!

If you have been wondering how to change up a golf outing to make it more fun or to give your players a new experience they won’t forget, there are some simple variations on scoring that can make the difference. For a stroke play golf match, each golfer usually hits their own ball, and then depending on which scoring method you are using, a team or individual score is recorded.

One type of stroke play scoring is called “Best Ball.” In this game type teams of two golfers compete against other groups. Each golfer plays their own ball for the entire whole and the lowest score of the team is recorded as the teams score for that whole. So if one player scores a bogey on a par 3, and his teammate gets a hole in one, only the hole in one counts. This can also be used in teams of three or four depending on how you have arranged the teams for your tournament.

There are many other variations available for scoring a golf tournament. When deciding how to score your golf outing, you should take into consideration the handicaps of all competing players. If teams are likely to have a single golfer who is considerably better than the other team members, Best Ball might not be as fun because most of the scores would probably come from the best golfer.

Another thing to consider when running your golf event is the type of on course contests you are going to offer. Conducting a hole in one contest, putting contest or million dollar shootout will certainly add to the excitement of your event and hopefully boost the number of golfers at your event.