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Friday, March 26, 2010

Start the Season With A Hole In One

As the snow is starting to melt and the rain clouds are clearings, more and more golfers are hitting the links. Starting the season in March is risky for some golfers because the course conditions are not at their finest and the cold and windy weather definitely takes a toll on the game. This was not the case however at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek in Wisconsin. Gary Heintz of La Cross, WI headed out on Cedar Creek last Tuesday for his first round of the year where he hit is second hole in one of his lifetime. Heintz must have made quite a few trips to the driving range over the winter months because the hole in one came on only the third hole of the round. Gary hit a 4-iron to reach the 165 yard green on the par 3 hole, he quoted “we saw the ball hit and it trickled right toward the hole and went in.”

This was the first hole in one recorded for the course this season, with the course opening at 10am and Gary acing the third hole shortly before noon. This wasn’t Heintz’s only hole in one. His first came quite a while back. Gary first hit a hole in one at the young age of 12. Now 56 Heintz still hasn’t lost his swing! Group member Tony Roberts reported that Heintz was at the top of his game last Tuesday as he almost hit another hole in one on the 7th hole. Congrats to Gary and good luck with the rest of the season!