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Friday, April 2, 2010

A Fast Path to Better Golf & More Hole In One Shots

Foresite Sports recognizes that golfers tend to be perfectionists. This game puts a lot of pressure on its players to improve. As you already know, a frustrating round full of bad shots can be instantly offset by one good shot that makes you want to come back to the game. In a nutshell, most golfers are always asking themselves this question:

“What’s the best/quickest way for me to improve?”

Well, we at Foresite Sports have the magic formula. You’re probably wondering what that is? Well it has to do with every shot from 100 yards and in. Putting is an essential part of this game, and every successful professional golfer on the planet will attest to this. Whether you hit it as short as Corey Pavin or as freakishly long as Bubba Watson, you should aim to be a good putter. Next up is the little short shots around the green. If you are afraid of flubbing a chip or being in a bunker, then you’re in trouble. The only way to overcome this is to get some tips from a teaching pro and to practice.

How many shots does it take for you to get the ball into the hole from 60 to 100 yards out? Two, three, four, or five? Well, this part of golf is often overlooked. What good are great drives if you struggle to get the ball into the hole? So make sure that you give this some attention. You should also give Foresite Sports some attention. Foresite Sports provides great hole in one insurance at affordable prices. The weather is warming up and golfers everywhere are excited. Golf Outings with hole in one insurance definitely attract a lot of players, so make sure that your tournament director knows about us.