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Friday, April 16, 2010

Recipes For More Distance off the Tee

At least 90 percent of all golfers want more distance. More distance, with control means that you will have shorter distances to the hole. This makes life a whole lot easier. Also hitting a shorter iron technically increases your chances of getting a hole-in-one.

So how exactly do you get more distance? The most direct way is to increase your flexibility. Stretching goes a long way to improving your distance. The more flexible you are the more clubhead speed you can generate. The second avenue is to hit the gym. Getting more physical strength will also give you more yards.

The last step or avenue is to get fitted for your driver. Using the wrong shaft can cost you a lot of distance. Golf shafts are known as a being the engine of the golf club so if you have the wrong engine, you’re in trouble. It can also affect your accuracy. If the shaft is too soft for you, you could find yourself missing it all over the map. Another warning sign is if your tee shot takes off like an airplane. That is if your ball starts off low and rises sharply. This means that you are spinning the ball too much and you need to find a driver and shaft combination that reduces the spin.

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