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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kindergarten Golfer Has Hole In One

There were reports out of Illinois this week of a 5 year old boy named Drew Gray who hit a hole in one at a Yorktown Golf Club in Belleville, IL. We always like to hear stories like this because because it just goes to show how truly lucky you have to be to get a hole in one.

Apparently, Drew was playing with his family and stepped up to the 75 yard, fifth hole and asked his Uncle, Jon Hanft Uncle what club he should hit. Hanft's only advice was to try a driver for the shot. That's all it took for little Drew who hit his driver perfectly to score his first hole in one. Hanft said that he had a hole in one last year but it took him a lot longer to score his first ace than it did for his nephew. The shot was witnessed by several family members and verified by the course owner John Bethard.

Drew is the youngest player to record an ace at the course, says Bethard. Drew has been paying golf with his family and friends for the past two years and even participated in the club's golf camp for 4 to 8 year olds this past summer. Despite the fact that Drew is not the youngest golfer to ever hit a hole in one (that record is held by Jake Paine of Lake Forest, CA who hit a hole in one from 66 yards out) we at US Hole In One are certainly impressed.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Five Players Hit Aces in Nationwide Event!

At the Utah Championship (Nationwide Tour) this past weekend there was a record five players who hit a hole in one. Five hole in one shots in the same event with four coming in the first round was a first for the Nationwide tour. The last time there were three aces on the same day during a Nationwide Tour event was last year during the first round of the Boise Open.

Brian Stuard, Jonathan Fricke, Chris Stroud and Peter Tomasulo had aces in the first round on Thursday and Bubba Dickerson added another on Friday. Peter Tomasulo had the fist hole in one on the 2nd hole at Willow Creek Country Club from 203 yards. About forty five minutes later, Chris Stroud knocked in his ace with a 6 iron from the same distance. Brian Stuard had the next hole in one at the seventh hole from 191 yards and Jonathan Fricke then aced the 176 yard 5th hole. The following day, Bubba Dickerson got his ace at the 18th hole.

The only other time that four aces were made on the same day during a professional golf tournament was in 1989. During the 1989 U.S. Open at Oak Hill, four golfers hit a hole in one on the same hole in the same day. Unfortunately, for the five golfers this past weekend and the 4 golfers from 1989, there was no prize on the hole so the golfers walked away empty handed.