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Hole In One Insurance News - Foresite Sports

Friday, December 19, 2008

Basketball Anyone?

Foresite Sports not only covers golf tournaments but we also cover a wide array of other sports contests too, basketball being one of the most popular. Many of our clients choose to run these contests during half-time at their event. By selling raffle tickets at the beginning of the game it not only gives you an opportunity to raise money but it also gives one lucky fan a chance to win a fabulous prize!

Some of the basketball contests that we offer are: half court shot, three quarter court shot, full court shot, progressive shot, pick a spot, Around-The-World and the NBA three-point shootout. The half court, three quarter court, and full court shot are just that, one ball, one shot, from whichever of those three spots you chose when purchasing the coverage.

The progressive shot adds a little more pizzazz to the basketball contest. The lucky fan that is chosen has twenty four seconds to successfully complete a lay-up, a free throw, a three-point, and a half court shot. The contestant can shoot from each spot as many times as he or she would like but it is important to keep in mind the time limit.

The “pick a spot” contest is also great fun! The person that is chosen can pick there he or she would like to take the shot. Sounds easy right? Well the fun part about this contest is that from the spot they pick they must sink two shots from that spot, one in each basket. Pick your spot carefully!

The Around-The-World contest gives the contestant a chance to make five for five three point shots in thirty seconds. Place one ball at five different spots around the three-point arch and start the clock!

If a lucky fan is chosen for the NBA three-point shootout they will have one minute to scores twenty-one points. You will want to place a rack of five balls at five different locations around the three-point arch. Score 21 points and win the grand prize!

So for all of you basketball fans out there, don’t worry Foresite Sports has got you covered.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What to Buy the Golfer in your Family!

So you have an avid golfer in the family and you don’t know what to get him or her for the holidays. It seems like shopping for a golfer would be easy, just head over to the local sporting goods store and bee line over to the golf section. But then what? If you don’t know much about golf then buying for a golfer can be extremely tough! There are tons of different brands and products that are so detailed to a specific part of the game that an easy trip down the golf ball isle turns into complete confusion. There are some things that a golfer can always use and you can’t go wrong. These gifts are also easy to find at stores or online and won’t cause you to do too much research!

First the most common and the easiest gifts are the basics, golf balls, tees, ball markers, and gloves. A golfer can never have enough of these items! There are probably hundreds of different golf balls available but you can’t go wrong with Titlest’s ProV 1’s. They tend to be a little pricey but are definitely one of the most popular brands for men. Maxfli Noodle and Precept brands are good for women because they tend to be softer and fly better. As for tee’s, just plain wooden ones work great, most golfers now have drivers with extra large faces so you might want to consider the “tall” tees. Markers and extra gloves tend to get lost easily so it is always good to have extra in your bag.

Golf clothing is sold anywhere and everywhere and you can’t go wrong with polo’s however what a lot of golfers don’t have and need is raingear. Think about getting them something light that they can still wear in the summer but long-sleeved and waterproof that they can keep in their bag in case of a sudden rain storm. If you are still clueless about what to get your golfer, you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to his or her favorite course. Golf is not a cheap sport so giving them a free round at the local course is a perfect idea that they can use whenever they want! There are hundreds of gifts that you could get the golfer in your family and hopefully these ideas helped. Good luck shopping!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

What's in Sergio's Bag?

After taking second in the world at the HSBC Champions on Monday, Sergio Garcia may be able to attribute part of his success to some of his equipment changes. Sergio recently switched up his driver from TaylorMade's Tour Burner to TaylorMade’s r7 Limited (9.5°). The new r7 has features adjustable weight ports allowing for changes in trajectory up to a 35 feet left-to-right or right-to-left. The head on the r7 Limited driver also has a much more triangular look than its previous model (r7 SuperQuad). The Tour Burner that Sergio used to play with did not feature the adjustable weight ports.

Prior to Sergio’s win at the Players Championship back in May, he opted for his throwback Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter that he used back in 1999, instead of the TaylorMade Rossa Daytona that he usually plays with. Once again one of the most significant changes Sergio Garcia made to his golf bag for the HSBC Champions was his putter. However, this time around Sergio decided to take his TaylorMade Rossa Daytona putter and make a few changes himself. After grinding and forming the putter to his liking, Sergio sent it back to TaylorMade and had them make his custom creation in silver! Now wouldn’t that be nice if everyone could do that!

Sergio also changed up his irons for this event. He switched from TaylorMade's rac MB TP irons to the new Tour Preferred irons. The RAC irons have more of a traditional look and feel to them and allow for exceptional vibration control and feedback on each and every shot. The Tour preferred irons, also by TaylorMade, are geared more towards those players with a lower handicap, perfect for Sergio. These irons still feature the same vibration control as the previous RAC model but these irons have a much sleeker design which helps golfers hit the ball with greater ease and control.