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Friday, January 30, 2009

Third Times a Charm!

Hole in ones come in threes in New Jersey! Dawn Peppercorn, 69, of Bonita Springs, NJ hit her third hole in one last week at Pelican’s Nest Golf Club. A golfer hitting multiple holes in one is unbelievable in itself however Peppercorn added even more excitement to her accomplishes by hitting all three on the 15th hole at Pelican. Peppercorn was originally known for her tennis skills however around 20 years ago after her hip surgery, she and her husband switched over to the game of golf. Now a regular at Pelican’s Nest Golf Club, she is considered a local club celebrity for her accomplishments. Her friends aspire to play like her and even around the course her husband, who has yet to score an ace, is known as “Dawn’s husband.”

Her first hole in one came in December of 2007 and no doubt it was her most memorable. She not only scored an ace that day but she got to share the experience with her family, her husband, son and grandson. Her grandson was actually the one who found Dawn’s drive in the hole on the 15th green. Peppercorn didn’t hesitate to pull out her TaylorMade driver and Volvik Crystal ball on the 15th hole from then on and they did the trick! Three holes in one with the same type of ball, same club and on the same hole is certainly an amazing achievement. Hopefully Dawn will continue her streak into next year’s golf season and maybe even share the luck with her husband!

Just imagine if Dawn was playing in a golf tournament each time that had a hole in one insurance package from Foresite Sports. Dawn would certainly be a wealthier person! Don’t forget that packages start as low as $180 for hole in one coverage and that includes bonus prizes for the other par 3 holes, signs for each hole and a free golf club certificate for each golfer in the event!

Monday, January 19, 2009

17 Year Old Hits Hole In One :: “Happy Gilmore” Style!

Most people would assume that to hit a hole in one you must be a pretty decent golfer, considering an ace is one of the most sought out challenges in the game of golf. Surprisingly, in most cases all you need is a lot of luck. Luck combined with a ton of strength is what scored Keith McCall his first hole in one. The ace occurred at Brookeville Golf and Country Club on hole number 12, McCall drove from the white tees, 273 yards from the green.

McCall had a slightly different approach to the green from the far par 4. He drove the ball “Happy Gilmore” style as he called it which for those who haven’t seen the movie means that you stand behind the ball and walk up to the ball while you swing the club. Contact with the ball is not always easy but when you make contact the ball comes off the club fast and goes far! McCall said the shot wasn’t pretty to say the least but made its way toward the green. McCall never expected to hit the drive that far considering the group in front of him still hadn’t finished putting yet. It was actually one of the other golfers in the group ahead of him that found the ball in the hole.

McCall was playing with his buddy, Blake Hunter who was even more excited than McCall at the hole in one. McCall is not one to brag about his accomplishment and even though it was the clubs first hole in one on number 12, McCall still doesn’t consider himself a good golfer. I bet others at the club beg to differ on that point!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sorenstam Says Goodbye

Golf is preparing to say goodbye to one of the best ladies golfers in the game. In Friday’s LPGA tournament Annika Sorenstam missed the cut for the ADT Championship after finishing 3 over par, shooting a 75. Annika made the announcement back in May that she would retire her golf bag at the end of the year. The end of the tournament might not have gone the way that Sorenstam planned however with such a successful career she will exit the golf world with 72 tour wins. More importantly she will leave with one of the most highly recognized names in the LPGA.

Sorenstam got her first major win at the U.S Women’s Open in 1995 at Broadmoor Golf Club in CO and with a repeat win at the U.S Women’s Open in 1996 she was the first non- American woman to defend her title. Since then she has been unstoppable. She was the first woman to shoot 59, to play in the men’s PGA 1993 Colonial Tournament, to play on the PGA Tour since 1945, and even won Female Athlete of the Year at the ESPN awards in 2005. Annika will retire at the age of 38 after making about $22 million dollars in winnings. Sorenstam has definitely made her mark on the golf world and has set the stage for all women golfers!