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Friday, April 17, 2009

Beginner's Luck at 62!

“I didn’t know it was that big of a deal, I thought all golfers do this.” That was the quote from Unni Haskell, the 62 year old golfer who hit a hole in one on her first swing during her first time playing on a golf course. The majority of golfers would never imagine that they would be able to hit a hole in one on their first time out on a golf course. In fact most hope and dream that they will hit an ace at any point in their career. The sad truth is that most will not! So to hear that Haskell took up golf just two months before her big hole in one is almost like a miracle!

The hole in one occurred at Cypress Links in St. Petersburg Florida on the first hole. The hole was 100 yards and the pro described the shot as flying 75 yards in the air, dropping on the green and rolling right into the hole. Haskell was playing with her teaching pro that day, Rick Sopka and he said that his plan for the day was a putting lesson. Haskell insisted on hitting the course without even teeing up on the range for a couple practice drives.

She must have had a good feeling about that day! Sopka said she teed right up, lined up with her target and went for it! Haskell and Sopka were both able to see the ball go in the hole as well as the group in front and behind the two. It seemed like the whole course was celebrating and Sopka reported that in all of his years of teaching he had never seen such a feat as a hole in one on the first swing! Sopka did deliver some bad news to Unni after all of this celebrating was over, he told her unfortunately it all goes down hill from here. Haskell will no doubt stick with the game and hopefully land some more aces!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Woods Is A New Daddy!

In professional sports, talent usually runs in the family! Many father-son, brother or sister dream teams have developed in the sports world to be some of the best of the best athletes around. The Venus sisters are unstoppable on the tennis court and the Peyton brothers super bowl rings speak volumes for their success! In the golf world there is a new addition to the great Woods family and although it may be quite some time before we see little Charles Axel Woods out on the putting green this could be the start of something great. Needless to say if Tiger starts him down the same path that Tiger’s dad guided him, he will definitely make a name for himself on the links.

Tiger and Elin Woods welcomed their new baby boy, Charles on February 8th 2009. Charles is their second child, Sam Alexis their daughter, was born in June of 2007. If they start playing the game as early as their father than maybe it won’t be too long before we see little Charles and Sam out there!

Tiger has fully concentrated on his family during his recovery time from knee surgery shortly after the 2008 US Open. Torrey Pines was his last appearance not to mention victory in a tournament and return back to the game is fully anticipated by all golf fans. He is expected to come back to play in the Masters in April and I’m sure his fans will be pulling for a victory there!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Buffalo Lawyer Sends the Gift of Golf Overseas

Joseph Hanna was brought up with strong morals and learned at a young age that service was extremely important. Hanna has created a good life becoming partner in a Buffalo law firm at the age of 28 however he has not forgotten the importance of service and giving back. Hanna has created Bunkers in Baghdad, a non profit organization that sends golf clubs and golf balls overseas to US soldiers. Many organizations have been formed over the years that send care goods and different packages overseas in support of the troops protecting our country however Hanna’s organization is based around the fact that the soldiers need a hobby and some entertainment while away. Hanna started calling friends that had the same love for the game as him and suddenly the one man operation gathered over 50,000 golf balls and 2,500 clubs to send to the US troops. Bunkers in Baghdad started with a few of Hanna’s friends in a basement and has grown to an extremely successful donation location with multiple golf courses and manufacturers wanting to donate golf supplies.

Joe Hanna’s long term goals include not only continuing his work sending golf clubs and balls overseas but also being able to give donations to the war veterans returning home. Many people have flocked to help Hanna, at a local middle school students help package the golf equipment and understand the importance of Hanna’s mission. Francesca Carra an eighth grader at the school says “We can at least spend five minutes a day… for them because they do so much for us.” Hanna’s work with Bunkers in Baghdad is a great example of simple things that can be done in support for our troops. The soldiers who received the gifts from Bunkers in Baghdad will return home not only to their homes and families but also to a lower handicap!