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Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 British Open

This year's British Open Championship will be played at Turnberry's Aisla course. The tournament's website opengolf.com is proud to state that the Aisla course at Turnberry is "currently ranked as Britain’s number one golf course by two leading golf publications, and is consistently rated within the world’s best. Mackenzie Ross, was commissioned to redesign the Ailsa and it re-opened as the spectacular links you can see today in 1951." The course is a par 70 that is played over an intimidating 7204 yards. Links golf is very different to the type of golf that we play here in America. Players who cannot control their ballflight will be at the mercy of the wind.

We at Foresite Sports have chosen our two favorite holes on the Aisla course, courtesy of the course layout that is found on the Open Championship's website.

We start with the par 4 third hole that is 489 yards.It is called “Blaw Wearie” which means "Out of Breath." Now that's the type of hole that would suffocate any average golfer's chance of making a par. The hole description on the Open Championship website warns that this hole "will be your fate on a blustery day, because the wind here usually blows dead against. 27 yards have been added to the 3rd hole since the 1994 Open Championship, making this the longest par-4 on the Ailsa Course. Two new fairway bunkers have been added at driving distance and one greenside bunker has been filled-in and tightly-mown."

The next feature hole is the 17th hole which is a 559 yard par 5. According to the website, the locals call it the "Lang Whang" because a “Good Whack” is called for here to give yourself a reasonable chance of making the green in three. Furthermore, a new back tee has been constructed on the 17th to accommodate the changes to the 16th, lengthening the hole by 61 yards. Lastly to top it off, new approach bunkers and a new greenside bunker add to the challenge of the second shot. This will be a crucial finishing hole that could possibly affect the result of the tournament as there could easily be a two shot swing here.

Tiger Woods is a favorite to win but there are numerous others who could take the title. Who knows, maybe someone will be lucky enough to ace one of the par 3s. Holes in one are our specialty so we would be elated if you told the tournament director at your golf club about us. We offer hole in one insurance as well as insurance for other sporting events. Feel free to visit holeinoneinsurance.com for more information on hole in one insurance and interactivepromotions.com for information on the insurance that we provide for other sporting events. Have a great day and make sure you watch the British Open at Turnberry.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What is Hole In One Insurance?

Hole In One Insurance can be one of the smartest investments any contest holder has. Perhaps you have seen other companies or programs offering high prizes for those who sign up for their contest and get a hole in one. Thousands of dollars may seem like too much for your company to afford to pay out should a winner hit the hole in one. The good news is, if you have purchased Hole In One insurance, you do not have to pay out a thing.

Here Is How It Works

With this type of insurance, you can take in all of the contestants you would like to without worrying about not being able to pay out. Check out how other companies use this service to draw in golfers and turn better profits.

• Secure Hole In One Insurance. This indemnification policy is affordable and easy to obtain in most instances.
• Advertise your tournament or special contest. Be sure to proudly let interested parties know about the potential they have to win thousands of dollars by hitting a hole in one during your event. If they hit an ace, they win the money.
• Enjoy your signups for the contest. The better advertised it is, the better your profits will be for the event.
• If there is someone that hits the hole in one on the golf course event, you do not pay anything. The insurance policy you have purchased pays out to the winner. You still keep your profits!

For many businesses, drawing customers in is the difficult part. A widely advertised program like this type of contest may be an ideal way to make the money you want, without risking paying out the prize money.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Perseverance Pays At the End of the Day

Many golfers have played for years; me included, and still haven’t got that elusive hole in one. Dewey Lewis of Monroe, Michigan is one of them. According to Monroe News he is 79 and has been golfing since he was 10. They go on to mention that he has obviously hit hundreds of thousands of shots in his career. The interesting thing is that he hadn’t got a hole in yet. During an interview with Monroe News Lewis said that he had been two or three inches from the hole several times, but this was his first hole-in-one.

Lewis went on to say that it was the most perfect shot he’s ever hit. He used a 5-wood to ace the 138-yard 17th hole on the West Course at Raisin River Golf Club. The report then makes a valid point when it says that being able to shoot an 18-hole score lower than your age is rarer than a hole-in-one. Lewis has accomplished that feat twice. The report provides more precise details when it says that at the age of 76, Lewis shot a 74 at Links at Lake Erie. Lewis shot 78 the day he had the ace.

The last part of the report shares some information on Lewis’ early life. We learn that he started playing at Middlesboro Country Club in Kentucky. At age 10, he was a caddy. His father was a coal miner, they didn’t have much money and there were seven children. Now, he has been retired for 15 years so he has a good amount of time to go golfing. Lewis unfortunately has corroded arteries in his neck so he has not been able to play that much.

Altogether we would like to congratulate Mr. Lewis for finally breaking through and getting that coveted hole in one. Speaking of hole in ones, we encourage you to choose Foresite Sports for hole in one insurance coverage. We also offer other golf tournament services as well as insurance services for other sporting events. Call 888-882-5440 for more information.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Foresite Sports’ Favorite Golf Websites

Nowadays the internet makes a lot of things possible. There are a lot of websites that can help all golfers improve their game. For this article we will focus solely on Golf.com which has a very impressive layout. We would expect nothing less of a Sports Illustrated and CNN Network Site. The Home Page displays the latest leader boards for the respective pro tours. There are numerous galleries of the players in all these tournaments. Phil Mickelson’s recent hole in one was in one of those galleries. For all those Tiger Woods fans there is a tiger-tracker section that has almost everything about him, from pictures of his children to pictures that show how his swing has evolved over the years.

The instruction section of this website is very comprehensive. There is a feature that allows anyone to send questions or a swing video to a Top 100 Teacher so that he or she can provide a cure to whatever swing fault you have. Top 100 teachers like Brady Riggs and Martin Hall have a lot of very insightful instructional videos that can be viewed for free. Sites like Golflink.com do not offer this. On top of this a portion of the instruction section is devoted to Dave Pelz, the short game guru. Moreover, swing sequences of the top pros allow the more eager golfer to see the positions that these world class pros get into.

Next is the equipment section that tests and rates almost every club from every brand out there. The buyers’ guide section is very informative. We at Foresite Sports also recommend the buyer’s guide at Golftipsmag.com. If you just feel like playing golf Foresite Sports advises you to have a look at the exquisitely designed courses that are featured in the courses and travel section.

With all that said we also recommend that you visit our own website for complete information on hole in one insurance. We also have a colorful array of sponsor signs that we make for our clients for a reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!