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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cost of Hole In One Golf Insurance

Many people like the idea of offering a special event where they can bring in a group of golfers and offer a big-ticket prize to anyone able to hit the impossible shot. But, paying for these out of the funds brought in by most golf courses is not often feasible. The best route to take to offer this opportunity is to use Hole in One Insurance. Offered by US Hole in One, this type of insurance pays out if someone wins the prize so that your company does not have to do so.

The cost of using hole in one coverage is dependent on several factors including:

• The number of golfers at the event
• The distance of the Par 3 hole that will be used in the hole in one event
• And the value of the hole in one prize that you wish to give out to any winners of the contest

The more golfers, the more valuable the prize and the fewer yards away from the hole, the higher the cost is for this type of insurance.

It is important to note, though, that hole in one insurance is quite affordable even at the highest level. For example, let's say that you have 72 players and want to give away a $50,000 cash prize. You would pay US Hole in One just $727 to obtain this coverage.

When you consider the publicity for the event, the draw of bringing people into the golf course, the signups for memberships you receive, and so forth, this will likely pay for itself. To get more accurate figures, contact a US Hole in One contest consultant and learn more about hosting your event.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Righty & Lefty Hole In One!

Hitting a hole in one is incredibly difficult for anyone to do. Many of today's professional golf players never are able to hit even one. One man in Bowling Green, Ohio was lucky enough to hit not one, but two holes in one in the game. In addition, he hit them using both a right handed club and a left handed club. Interestingly, he says he is not much of a golfer!

The man, Ed Platzer of Bowling Green, was able to hit a left-handed hole in one in June of 2009. This adds to his previous right handed hole in one he hit some 15 years earlier. It may have been a long gap, but it was a very successful event.

What makes this story even more interesting is that the United States Golf Register has been unable to locate anyone else who has ever hit both a right handed and a left handed hole in one in the company's database. The United States Golf Register tracks holes in one across the country. Its database spans some 13 years worth of history.

Mr. Platzer says that he is a naturally left handed person but he learned to play golf using his right handed clubs mainly because he could not locate any left handed clubs during that time. he changed things up about four years ago when he found the left handed clubs he needed. He has been using those clubs since. Although he claims not to be a good golfer, this rare feat is one that will be historic for some time.

It doesn’t appear that Mr. Platzer won any prize for achieving either of his holes in one which makes me wonder why the tournament director at those events didn’t purchase hole in one insurance from a company like Foresite Sports. I’ll bet Mr. Platzer is wondering the same thing!

Friday, August 14, 2009

John Deere Classic

In another week of exciting golf on the PGA Tour, Steve Stricker managed to come out on top. According to pgatour.com, the players had to play 36 holes on Sunday due to a rain delay earlier in the week. However, this did not stop Stricker from producing a stellar performance.

Stricker started very slowly shooting an even par 71 in the first round. This was a pretty uneventful round that only had 2 birdies. He immediately had ground to make up as his colleagues were well under par. This would not be a problem as Stricker came out firing in the second round. He made 9 birdies, an eagle and a bogey on his way to a blistering 61(10 under par).With this he tied the course record and put himself in perfect position to win the tournament.

Stricker, as reported on the PGA Tour website,fired a a third-round 68 which he then followed with a 7-under 64 in the fourth round to finish at 264 for the tournament. That was good enough to give him his second PGA TOUR win this year and sixth in all, not to mention a heavy dose of momentum heading into the British Open to go with the 500 FedExCup points."I've just given myself a lot of chances to win," said Stricker onn the PGA Tour website, now second behind Tiger Woods in the FedExCup standings. "Some didn't go my way, and some have."

Local favorite Zach Johnson (64, 66), Brandt Snedeker (68, 65) and Brett Quigley (62, 67) all tied for second at 17 under. However the PGA tour website clearly stated that Stricker's biggest challenge, though, came from Tim Petrovic, who was in his group and was two strokes off the lead heading into the 36th and final hole of the day. But he hit the pond on No. 18 and double bogeyed the hole, leaving him at 16 under along with Matt Jones (63, 69) and J.J. Henry (66, 68). Second-round leader Darron Stiles (70, 71) finished at 14 under.

For all the people out there who use Facebook.com, we encourage you to become a fan of the PGA Tour. That way you can receive various updates and even links to the twitter pages of your favorite PGA Tour pros. For all the tournament directors out there we urge you to consider Foresite Sports for hole in one insurance and tournament services. For more information on that, feel free to visit www.foresitesports.com or call us directly at 888-882-5440. Quality mixed with affordability is our formula for success.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Can A Golf Contest Provide More Interest Among Customers?

According to recent reports, many golf courses are struggling to keep their greens open to the public. Even those more elite golf clubs are struggling to keep membership numbers high. Call it a sign of the times, where people are watching virtually every penny they spend. For many golf courses, shutting the fairways for good seems like the only option. Yet, some courses are trying something new in that they are offering high stakes contests to draw in people.

Individuals may need a little motivation to get back out onto the green. This can be accomplished through a golf related tournament or contest with a high payout. For example, hosting a $1 million shootout is definitely a way to draw golfers back into the game. A putting challenge can also work. Offering a large prize to those who are able to hit the very difficult shot is a great way to bring people in.

Golf courses do not have to cover the payouts even if there is a winner. Rather, they can use Foresite Sports. This company provides insurance to cover the event winnings so that the golf course does not have to. If the golfer does hit the hole in one, for example, they will collect the winnings from Foresite Sports rather than the golf course directly. The golf course is only obligated to pay a fee for using the insurance.

Courses that are in need of more regular golfers may wish to use this type of tournament to help raise awareness to membership discounts or green fee discounts to those who participate in the tournament or challenge. It is an excellent way to get people back into the clubhouse.