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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sir, how many holes in one have you made? Answer: 50. Response: Are you kidding me??

The million dollar man has absolutely nothing on this guy! An Arizona golfer by the name of Dave Thomas has made 50 holes in one in his lifetime. A lot of people have played golf for so many years and never made a single one.

Apparently his first hole in one came in 1966 when Dave Thomas lined up an 8-iron at Orange Tree Golf Club, then known as the Century Country Club ,and took dead aim at the 140-yard sixth hole. According to Thomas, "I never saw it go in. I saw it going toward the pin, and we looked around for it and then we found it in the hole."

Thomas returned to that same hole three years later and did it again. Talk about being a smooth operator! Mr. Thomas immediately caught hole in one fever and has been making hole in ones for the last 30 years. Azcental.com’s report on him says that, “last month, he recorded his 50th career hole in one, acing the 162-yard second hole at Mountain Shadows Golf Course with a 7-iron.”

Another interesting thing is that, when his friends at the Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant, where Thomas is a regular, introduce him as ‘The guy with all the holes in one,’ he inevitably is asked how many he's made.

The writer of the article on azcentral’s website makes a good point when he states that, “It really isn't so far-fetched. Even at age 75, Thomas plays to a 5 handicap. He typically plays at least four days a week at Mountain Shadows, which has 16 par-3 holes. He's been a member since 1979 and has recorded 39 of his aces there. All of his aces have been verified by credible witnesses.”

We at Foresite Sports are flabbergasted. This is truly an amazing feat. We enjoyed reading about Mr. Thomas and we would like to turn your attention to the services that we provide. They might not be as spectacular as making 50 holes in one, but they are reliable, affordable and worth your time. We offer hole in one insurance and tournament sponsor signs for golf outings. Visit our website to learn more or you could call us directly.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yet Another Youngster Aces a Par 3!

Recently we at US Hole In One have noticed a trend amongst most of the people in our blogs who have recently got holes in one. They’re really young!

Lohud.com, a newspaper of New York’s Lower Hudson valley recently did an article on 13 year old John Longo. The youngster teed it up on the 112-yard sixth hole at Sunny Hill Golf Course and aced it without a problem. He used a wedge to get the job done. The article informs us that his father, Ron Longo, “was reading a book a week ago near the clubhouse at Sunny Hill Golf Course, a Catskill resort where the White Plains family has a lake house. He was recovering from surgery, and let the 13-year-old play with Christopher Medeot, a friend and hockey teammate from home.”

As soon as young John made the hole in one he called his father. Ron Longo’s account in the article was as follows:

"It was the first time I sent John on the course without me," Ron said. "It was a beautiful day, so I was sitting there reading a book when the phone rang. He was real excited, 'Dad, I just got a hole-in-one!' I thought it was a joke at first. I said, 'Put Chris on the phone.' And he was like, 'Mr. Longo, I swear to God it went in. John got a hole-in-one.' I couldn't believe it."

John was documented as saying:

"I've driven the green a couple of times, but I've never gotten close to the hole," said John, who has been playing for two years. "We called my dad, then went on to the seventh hole. We didn't celebrate too much because we didn't want to make a lot of noise. It was kind of funny because I looked at this plaque they have of all the holes-in-one before we played, and the first one was in 1968 on the same hole."

What’s even more interesting is that, according to the LoHud there have been three aces by three area middle school kids on three consecutive days last weekend (today being August 14). That holds so true to the title of this article. These youngsters are acing par 3’s all over the place. We congratulate them. Now, before we go, make sure you get your hole in one insurance with Foresite Sports. Visit our website, www.foresitesports.com to get the bigger picture. We look forward to the privilege of doing business with you. Have a great day!