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Friday, November 20, 2009

10 holes in one…in one day?

Once again the latest hole in one news has us shaking our heads. The Star Tribune of Minneapolis, Minnesota reported on their website that “on July 2 at area courses, at least 10 golfers had holes-in-one and had them reported to the Star Tribune.” The report goes on to say that “for some it was their first and for others it was a second (or third) time around. Two came at the same course, on the same hole.” The Star Tribune managed to get 9 out of the 10 people to describe their indelible experiences.

The first account comes from Bob Steffen who aced the 175th 8th hole at Dwan golf course. He used a 6 iron and he said:

"I hit it a little short of the hole, but it rolled up on the back lip," Steffen said. "From where I stood, I thought it had stayed there. But then I got closer and I saw it was gone. It was in the hole.

The next stroke of excellence came from Lorraine Neuberger’s purely struck 5 wood shot made its way into the 16th hole at Meadowbrook Golf Course.

"Pure luck," she said. "It's nothing to brag about. If I was a championship golfer, maybe I could consider it skill, but for me, I just get lucky."

The article then took us to Wayzata Country Club where Linda Kiernan made a hole in one on the 17th hole. Her account was a follows:

"I saw it tracking toward the hole and, amazingly, it went in. I'm like 'Thank you Jerry, thank you!'"

Jerry is her loving husband who passed away. "He's why I learned to play," she said.

Lauryn Job and Scott Machut are next up. Lauryn’s ace came on the 97 yard 17th hole at Medina Golf & Country Club. She used a 52 degree wedge to get the job done. Scott followed suit on the 17th hole. His 9 iron from 132 yards had only one destination…the hole! "It's just fantastic," he said.

Next up is Doug Dehn whose hole in one came at Shadowbrooke Golf Course’s 9th hole. He hit a 5 wood from 160 yards.

Nowadays tour pros are booming their drivers over 300 yards. But who says you HAVE to hit it that far. Jake Halbert hit a precise driver on a 234 yard par 3. So precise that it went into the hole. His account to the Star Tribune :
"The wind was strong, I promise," Halbert said, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

The final two holes in one came from Tony Gutterman and Paul Nelson. Tony hit a 215 yard fade with a purely struck 5 iron whilst Paul Nelson’s hole in one is being called the mystery ace. This is because no one has been able to get his account. Now that was an action packed day!Our congratulations go out to all these people.

On a closing note, make sure you tell your tournament director about us. Foresite Sports is the name, affordable insurance is the game.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Couple of Tips for Better Par 3 Scoring

Most high handicappers dread par 3 holes. Foresite Sports doesn’t have the same perspective though. We love holes in one. Why? Mainly because we provide hole in one insurance and love to see people occasionally make one. The rewards are great too. We’ve helped give away grand prizes that include: brand new cars, vacation packages and $100,000 cash prizes.

So this time we are going to give you some simple tips that will improve your ballstriking. The first is to ALWAYS check your alignment. They say, “What’s the point of firing a gun if it’s not aimed at anything.” Well if you want to get that first hole-in-one it helps if you aim right. So make sure that u adopt a stance where your feet, hips and shoulders are square.

The next tip addresses your grip. Ben Hogan, one of the best ball-strikers of all time, firmly believed that good golf starts with a good grip. A flawed grip will cause unwanted hooks and fades that will result in your tee shot going way offline. He made a lot of holes-in-one so he knew what he was talking about. Some of the world’s best players idolized him.

The world’s best iron players all have a common trait. At impact their hands are always ahead of the ball. High handicappers try to scoop the ball up in the air and their hands tend to be behind the ball at impact. This causes them to top the ball or hit it fat. Instead they should start their downswing by shifting their left hip if they’re right-handed or their right hip if they’re left-handed. This should allow them to hit down on the ball and compress the ball. Another way to think of compression is to squeeze the ball into the ground with your clubface at impact.

These tips might not get you a hole-in-one, but they will hopefully improve your iron play and shave some strokes off of your game. We are Foresite Sports and we do care about. If you need hole-in-one insurance or other contest services for golf outings call us at 888-882-5440.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Four Year Old Gets Hole In One

What a story we have here! A toddler recently did the unthinkable. According to the Sun Sentinel in Florida Alex Heard made his first hole in one. The article on www.sunsentinel.com says that, “it was a hot and muggy afternoon in Boca Raton, and after playing six holes, Diane Heard asked her son Alex if he wanted to quit so they could go home and take a swim.”

However the persistent youngster convinced his mother to keep going. What happened next is described in the same article as follows:

“Alex's father, Rick, teed up the ball, and Alex took out his driver, looked at the flag about 80 yards away sitting up on a hill, and swung. The contact was solid, the ball went straight and bounced up the hill, onto the green and rolled into the hole.”

"A lot of screaming," is how Alex remembers the moment, as mom, dad and Alex jumped around on the tee.

"He's pretty accomplished for his age, but I never expected that, not this soon," Rick Heard said.

“Alex, who is 3 feet, 5 1/2 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds, was destined to take up the game, since his father is a PGA teaching professional.”

Another interesting thing that we learned from reading this article is that, “Alex was 4 years and 223 days old, with Guinness listing an age of 4 years and 195 days for Christian Carpenter, who did it in North Carolina in 1999.” Now that’s amazing!

Now we move to the world of professional golf. This week’s big event is the WGC Bridgestone Invitational where the best of the best will be going at it. Tiger Wood’s, Phil Mickelson and many others are competing. Make sure you don’t miss it. Another thing that you shouldn’t miss is a chance at running a flawless golf event. For the best in hole in one insurance and golf outing services you should chose Foresite Sports, where we put the customer first. Our telephone number is 888-882-5440. Please feel free to explore all the possibilities that we offer.