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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check Out The New Blog Section Of Our Website

This will be the final blog post in this blog section of our website. We have moved the new Hole In One Insurance Blogs to a different section of our site. Hopefully you will find the blog articles about hole in one insurance there to be just as interesting and helpful!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Recipes For More Distance off the Tee

At least 90 percent of all golfers want more distance. More distance, with control means that you will have shorter distances to the hole. This makes life a whole lot easier. Also hitting a shorter iron technically increases your chances of getting a hole-in-one.

So how exactly do you get more distance? The most direct way is to increase your flexibility. Stretching goes a long way to improving your distance. The more flexible you are the more clubhead speed you can generate. The second avenue is to hit the gym. Getting more physical strength will also give you more yards.

The last step or avenue is to get fitted for your driver. Using the wrong shaft can cost you a lot of distance. Golf shafts are known as a being the engine of the golf club so if you have the wrong engine, you’re in trouble. It can also affect your accuracy. If the shaft is too soft for you, you could find yourself missing it all over the map. Another warning sign is if your tee shot takes off like an airplane. That is if your ball starts off low and rises sharply. This means that you are spinning the ball too much and you need to find a driver and shaft combination that reduces the spin.

Now before we let you go, our last tip is to take a look at our hole-in-one insurance. It’s flexible and affordable. Our goal is to please all of our clients. Our hole in one insurance has helped give away prizes ranging from cash prizes to a brand new BMW. So take your pick! Foresite Sports is our name and premier hole-in-one insurance is our game.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Robert Allenby's Hole In One

Who said the PGA Tour without Tiger Woods would be boring? Whoever said that was oh so wrong. These guys can seriously play. The last event that they played was at the revered Doral Blue Course which is infamously dubbed as the “BLUE MONSTER.” It truly is a challenging course with a lot of intricacies.

Firstly, Florida courses have Bermuda grass, which can be tough to negotiate. Chipping from it is not easy at all and reading Bermuda greens is an acquired skill. Take it from us at Foresite Sports when we say that bent grass is a lot easier to putt from. On top of this the Blue Course at Doral can get very windy. If you thought it ended there you’re wrong. There is a lot of water! What’s even more intimidating is that on the holes with water the greens are angled towards the water and the water definitely comes into play off the tee.

Anyways, Foresite Sports would like to congratulate Robert Allenby who holed out on the 13th hole. This is a tough par three that is over 220 yards and unfortunately plays right into the teeth of the wind. Most pros are satisfied with just hitting the green here. That’s if they can get it there! What’s even more surprising is that in the history of all the pro events played at the BLUE MONSTER there has never been a ace on this hole. Robert Allenby corrected this with an unforgettable golf shot. He didn’t end up winning the tournament but this was a highlight of the event. Making a birdie on that hole isn’t common, let alone an ace. Great shot!

Holes in one should be rewarded and Foresite Sports makes this happen. We make it possible for tournament directors to give away grand prizes at their events. To find out more check us out online or call us directly at 888 882 5440. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Fast Path to Better Golf & More Hole In One Shots

Foresite Sports recognizes that golfers tend to be perfectionists. This game puts a lot of pressure on its players to improve. As you already know, a frustrating round full of bad shots can be instantly offset by one good shot that makes you want to come back to the game. In a nutshell, most golfers are always asking themselves this question:

“What’s the best/quickest way for me to improve?”

Well, we at Foresite Sports have the magic formula. You’re probably wondering what that is? Well it has to do with every shot from 100 yards and in. Putting is an essential part of this game, and every successful professional golfer on the planet will attest to this. Whether you hit it as short as Corey Pavin or as freakishly long as Bubba Watson, you should aim to be a good putter. Next up is the little short shots around the green. If you are afraid of flubbing a chip or being in a bunker, then you’re in trouble. The only way to overcome this is to get some tips from a teaching pro and to practice.

How many shots does it take for you to get the ball into the hole from 60 to 100 yards out? Two, three, four, or five? Well, this part of golf is often overlooked. What good are great drives if you struggle to get the ball into the hole? So make sure that you give this some attention. You should also give Foresite Sports some attention. Foresite Sports provides great hole in one insurance at affordable prices. The weather is warming up and golfers everywhere are excited. Golf Outings with hole in one insurance definitely attract a lot of players, so make sure that your tournament director knows about us.