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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Golf Tournament Unlike Any Others on Tour

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is one golf tournament unlike the others on tour. The Phoenix Open is not only known for the great golf it produces at TPC Scottsdale Golf Course but also the crowd that follows the players. At a usual tournament the crowd is calm and well reserved; the Phoenix Open is a complete 180 degrees. The fans of the Phoenix Open want to see great rounds of golf and have a great time watching them. The tournament is known by some as The Wasted Open as many of the fans will visit the bars on the course and get quote rowdy during the tournament. This year there was an estimated 500,000 plus people that came out the watch, cheer, and boo the players.

Hole number 16 at Scottsdale has been called the scariest hole in golf due to the large grandstand which is more like a stadium surrounding the green. Many of the new golfers are intimidated by the crowds and fear the boo’s and taunts as a result of missing a putt or shanking an iron. Some of the more experienced golfers really enjoy the change of mood in the Phoenix Open and claim the cheers actually are relaxing and less stressful that the constant silence.

Overall The Waste Management Open is a definite change for the professional golfers on tour. It gives the professionals a look at what other athletes face on day to day bases. Similar to the cheering and mocking of a college basketball game, it gives the professionals a look at what other athletes face on day to day bases.

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