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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Much Does Hole In One Insurance Cost?

Foresite Sports prides on being a leading company in hole in one insurance and with that we will guarantee the lowest price on the market. Prices for hole in one insurance start as low as $180.00 and with that low price our clients would receive everything in Foresite Sports’ prize package. The prize package includes bonus prizes for other par three holes on the course, signs for each one of the prize holes, as well as discount offers and free golf club certificates. In order to get a price for hole in one insurance you will need to know three things:

  1. Number of Golfers- This is the total number of golfers in your tournament. The larger the number the more expensive the coverage will be. Foresite Sports does not have a minimum number of golfers, as long as it is a golf tournament we can cover it!
  2. The Distance of the Hole – The minimum distance that we can cover most grand prizes for is 150 yards. The further the hole is the more affordable the coverage will be. We price out in yardage brackets starting at the 150 yard mark and going back to 195 yards.
  3. The Prize Value – This is the last factor in pricing. We can cover any prize value up to $100,000 for a hole in one policy. Like the golfers, the higher this number is the more expensive the coverage will be.

To get more information on pricing feel free to give one of our tournament consultants a call, they will help you through the process and be able to set you up with multiple options.

Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Insure a Car for A Hole In One Contest?

A vehicle is among the top prizes that clients wish to insure at Foresite Sports. While we work with a lot of car dealerships in the nation, we also get a lot of calls from tournament directors that want to insure a car, truck or motorcycle and have no clue where to start. One of the three factors needed to get a hole in one insurance quote is the value of the prize, so first step when is to know an estimated value of the car or motorcycle (you can even look on the manufacturer’s website). This way you can get an idea of the price range of your contest insurance.

If you want the car visible to the golfers at the course that day then you will have to work with a local dealer in your area. From the dealer you will be able to determine the exact value that you will be insuring so you will be able to fill out the hole in one insurance application and get coverage in place. From Foresite Sports you will receive a Hole In One Insurance Certificate of Participation that states that you are fully covered, most dealers will want a copy of this before they bring the car to the course.

If you are getting the coverage in place last minute you can always insure a car or motorcycle solely based on the estimated value. In the case of a winner the check would be made out based on that amount and the winner can choose what to buy with the money. Foresite Sports offers sample prices of a Harley Davidson and various vehicles based on your budget.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Putting Contest Insurance Ideas

Need something to add to your golf tournament that will really get your golfers excited to play? A putting contest insurance is a great way to end the tournament with a chance to win a big prize just by simply sinking a putt! Foresite Sports primarily provides hole in one insurance for golf tournaments all over the country however the putting contest has become more and more popular with our customers.

The odds of a putting contest are roughly 1 in 30 (the hole in one odds of 1 in 12,500) so the putting contest insurance is not designed for all the golfers in the event like the hole in one insurance contest is however with better odds like that, people will definitely want to be a part of this contest. The putting contest is a great way to add a fundraising element to your tournament, people can buy raffle tickets for a chance to putt, then when the tournament is over the tournament director would pick one or two lucky names for the chance to putt.

There are two types of putting contests offered by Foresite Sports. The first is the standard putt that can be insured at either 40 or 50 feet for any value up to $25,000. Also depending on your budget this putting contest can be done with multiple participants. The second type of putting contests is an “add on” that is purchased along with a hole in one insurance contest. The add on putting contest is 60 feet and the prize values are $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000. Since the add on putting contest has a discounted rates it is only for one person from the tournament. Both putting contests have to be part of a golf tournament and need to be videotaped.

Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness Promotion

March is here and that means the most exciting college basketball championship tournament will be held. 67 teams will be entered into this years March Madness NCAA tournament and one will be name champion and be crowned the best team in college basketball. The tournament will start March 13th and run till the first weekend in April. All of the teams will be glued to the television set on March 11th when the teams are revealed however the following day is when the fun starts for the fans and viewers. National Bracket Day is when people all over the country will form their bracket to determine who they think will win this year’s tournament! While most bracket pools will just consist of some friends throwing in a couple dollars to play, why not make it a bigger event and host a March Madness Bracket Promotion from Foresite Sports and give your clients, co-workers, or friends the chance to win big!

Once you get your group together give us a call and let us know how many brackets you will be submitting and how much you want to insure the grand prize for. From there your contest insurance consultant will give a quote and send you over a contract. Foresite Sports needs a copy of all the brackets prior to the start of the tournament to guarantee no changes were made after the tournament starts. From there it is up to the luck of the tournament, cheer on your successful participants because if they predict the bracket right they could win the grand prize!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bowling Promotions

Company holiday parties are right around the corner so keep in mind that running a contest with Foresite Sports is a great way to give back to your employees. Bowling alley’s are at the top of companies lists for company party locations, they have a run atmosphere and offer the appropriate amount of space to have a great time whether you bowl or not! Bowling is also a great sport just to have fun with, when you go bowling you will have employees with all levels of skill which only adds to the fun of it!

Foresite Sports has two bowling promotions that are perfect to liven up any company bowling party. The contests are tasks that any one would be familiar with, the 7-10 split and the perfect game. Depending on how many people you want to participate in the promotion either can be catered to you needs. The 7-10 split has a little better odds, the best way to run this contest is to select a few employees out of the group to participate. A great way to select is to take the top performers from the past year, for example take the top 2 people from each of your 5 divisions allowing 10 total contestants. Between rounds take those ten people to one lane and see if they can make a 7-10 split with their co-workers cheering them on! The second promotion the perfect game is a little tougher however that does mean that it is perfect for everyone at your party to participate. This promotion would be done during your designated time on the lanes so no extra time is needed. This keeps a good competitive spirit among you co- workers while still having them cheer on one another to bowl at strike!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hole In One Insurance Witness Requirements:

After purchasing a hole in one insurance, putting insurance, or shootout insurance, making sure you know the witness requirements for each of the contests is an important factor to making your hole in one insurance policy a success! It is very important as a tournament organizer to read and understand all the terms and condition because they will vary between the different contests.

The hole in one insurance witness requirements are dependent on the prize value you are insuring. For most prizes (under $60,000) you will need to have one person who will be stationed at the hole who is over the age of 18 and not playing in the tournament. This person needs to be stationed so they can clearly see the players teeing off and the ball going in the hole. For prize values between $60,000 and $100,000, the requirement increases to two non playing individuals and for anything over $100,000, two non playing individuals are required one being a pro or a police officer. At this prize level all shots will also have to be videotaped.

For a putting contest no matter what prize value you are giving away, it must be videotaped. The video must include the measurement of the putt as well as the person taking it. In addition to the videotape you are required to have one additional witness for prize vales up to $10,000 and two witnesses for any value over that. Shootout contest also always have to be videotaped, this videotape works best set up behind the hole so you can get the golfer and green in the same shot. Since shootouts are typically done with high prize values over $100,000, they also need two people to witness, one being the pro or police officer. Please review all terms and conditions before running any of the contests.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Golf Club Offer

When you purchase hole in one prize insurance from Foresite Sports you will receive a gift certificate to redeem for a free golf club for each and every golfer in your tournament.  So many of our clients think this is too good to be true and ask us if there is a catch.  Nope, no catch, just a free golf club.

Each golfer will have their choice of a 19-Degree Hybrid Club or 60-Degree Lob Wedge exclusively from Warrior Custom Golf.  The golfers will be responsible for paying the shipping and handling for the club that they choose.  The shipping however is under $25 on each of the clubs.  This year we also started the offer that golfers can get both of the clubs if they so choose and the shipping will then be $29.95.  This is a great way to try out a new club without having to spend a bunch of money.  You  can either hand out the golf club gift certificates at registration when everyone comes to check in or better yet you can use them as an extra bonus to put in your goodie bags.

When you call Foresite Sports to get a price quote one of our tournament consultants will email the information to you along with the information for the free golf club offer.  You will then be able to go online and redeem your coupon right away!  We really suggest that our tournament organizers do this so that they can have one or both of the clubs at the course on the day of the tournament.  Not only can the golfers have a hands-on sample of the club they can get for free, you can also use the club(s) as a prize for contests that you are running that day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Staying Warm in the Winter Months of Golf Season!

Not all golfers have the luxury of playing golf year round, most golfers enjoy the spring, summer and fall months and play a round or two every weekend however once late November rolls around, the golf course is off limits! Here are some tips on how to stay warm if you are going to venture out into the cold and how to keep active with your golf game even if its not on the links.

If you have a golfer that is restricted by climate and can not play every weekend in the winter months, make sure they are ready to hit the links as soon as possible with some cold gear. Staying warm on the golf course is all about layers, start with some type of compression long sleeved as a base layer, add a nice golf polo, short or long sleeve in their favorite color and as the top layer consider investing in a thermal jacket. With these layers you golfer will be able to hit the course as soon as the snow is cleared and will stay warm the whole round!

If the weather is too unbearable to even consider playing outside, a great alternative is the indoor training methods. Many golf retail stores will sell a target pop up net and light weight golf balls perfect to set up in a basement to extra room. Also turf putting greens help any golfer perfect their short game when they are unable to get to the course. If you want to go all out and practice like the pro’s, buy a software system that will allow you to play virtual golf, right inside your own home! The golf simulators come with software, mats and a projection screen that will make you feel like you are in sunnyCaliforniaplaying the best course in the country.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Putting Contest Insurance Can Add Some Excitement to Your Event

Something that happens often is a lack of sign ups. For example, a company may be hosting their annual golf tournament. While you and some of the other top executives are excited about the event, you are struggling to get others interested. You decide it may be time to offer something a bit more tempting to them, to draw them in to the event and to keep them there for whatever reason you have. A putting contest insurance is a great way to do this.

One question that is often asked is about the amount of advance notice Foresite Sports needs to have in order to provide this type of putting contest insurance to cover out the tournament. The good news is that flexibility is just part of the job here.

When you contact the company today, you will learn what the cost of obtaining putting insurance will be and you will receive an application. Fax that application back and it takes just a few days after that to get everything set up. You will receive a Certificate of Participation, which is your signal that you are in fact covered for your putting contest. If you need something done sooner, let us know.

Let’s say things change right up until your tournament. The grand prize you are offering has helped you to get many more signups than you thought. What can you do? The good news is that you can contact Foresite Sports right up until that first putter gets started to add a new person to the list.

As you can see, you do not have to wait long to get putting coverage for your golf contest. Get the process started by calling on Foresite Sports to get a quote. From there, the rest is as easy as a day on the green!


Monday, January 16, 2012

What are the Hole In One Insurance Bonus Prizes?

Adding a hole in one insurance grand prize to your golf tournament will add excitement and interest to your big day. Once our customers receive a quote for a grand prize, the next question is usually “what else is included in that price?” While Foresite Sports includes a number of different “freebies” comprising of signs, shipping and additional coverage the most impressive by far to our clients are the bonus prizes included in each and every hole in one insurance grand prize package.

The bonus prizes allow the customer to cover all of the par 3 holes with a prize at no additional cost. In addition to the grand prize like a large cash option or new car, the remaining par 3’s on the course will each have one of the following prizes,

  1. An LCD Flat Screen Television from Sharp
  2. A Set of Callaway Diablo Irons
  3. Two Round Trip Airline Tickets anywhere in the Continental US

The requirement to use the bonus prize package is simple, the prize just has to be on a par 3 hole that is 130 yards or greater for the men (remember the ladies can always play 15 yards less than the men). Unlike the grand prize hole, any bonus prize hole does not need an additional witness, as long as the tournament will play with threesomes or foursomes, the playing partners can act as witnesses in the case of a winner. Foresite Sports wants you to get the most bang for your buck so even if you have 5 or 6 par 3’s on the course that meet the 130 yards requirement we will allow you to double up on your favorite bonus prize!