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Archive for December, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Event and Sponsor Signs

Event and Sponsor signs are an important part of any golf outing or tournament. They help with the recognition of the sponsors and the patrons who have helped make the tournament a reality. When you purchase your event coverage we provide the Grand Prize and Bonus Prize Signs. In addition to prize signs we also produce a variety of Event and Sponsor signs. These signs start at the price of only $14 per sign!

These signs are available in two different sizes; the small ones measuring 12” x 18” inches, the larger ones are 18” x 24”. They come on a strong plastic substrate with a strong laminate that helps keep them weather resistant. We offer a variety of templates allowing you to find a sign that fits your event accordingly. We have an assortment of Hole Sponsor signs, as well as numerous contest signs. You can’t forget the food! We have signs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails. Whether the sponsors are a large company or a family, we can add the appropriate logo or verbiage. You just tell us what to do!

If you are looking at the available signs and are unable to find something you like, please let us know. We can make a number of changes to make the signs look the way you imagined. The Sign Department is there to make sure you receive the signs you want. Give your sponsors the recognition they deserve and make your way over to the Event Sign section of the website and print out an order form. Avoid a rush fee by placing your order 10 days or more form your event date!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ways to Raise Extra Money At Your Golf Tournament

Along with purchasing hole in one insurance, many of our clients ask us about other types of golf contests that we offer that may help them to raise even more money during their tournament. Foresite Sports also offers putting and shootout coverage which are both great ways to bring in some extra money. Whether you choose to offer your golfers the chance to win Ten Thousand Dollars by sinking a putt or a Million Dollars by hitting a hole in one you are sure to spark some extra added excitement during the tournament day! By selling raffle tickets throughout the day at various locations around the course you will get a chance not only to get to know the golfers playing in your tournament but you will also get a little time to talk with them about the special cause you are raising money for.

For the putting contest, you can choose to do a forty, fifty, or sixty foot putt. Most people purchase coverage for just one finalist but if you would like to purchase coverage so that you can select more golfers to take the putt you can certainly do so. The ten thousand dollar putt is our most popular and you can run this contest on the practice green. Keep in mind you will need to videotape this contest. Once you start recording you will need to video the golfer being selected and the measurement of the putt. Keep the camera running and back up so you get the one finalist, the length of the putt, and the hole all in the same shot. You will also need to have one person over the age of 18 who is not playing in the tournament as the witness.

The Million Dollar Shootout is sure to get your golfers excited! When the tournament is over pick one of the raffle tickets and give that lucky golfer a shot. You can do this on a par-three hole that measures 165 yards or you can use a par-four and measure the shot from the hole into the fairway. Again you will need to videotape this shot and you will need two witnesses over the age of 18 who are not playing in the tournament. One of the witnesses will need to be a PGA Pro or Police Officer.

Next time you give us a call be sure to ask one of our tournament consultants about adding one of these contests on to your hole in one insurance package for your next golf outing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Young Golfer Hits First Hole In One

A hole in one at any age is an extremely exciting accomplishment. Some golfers go their whole life without an ace on their score card, so when Danny Wade was able to check that off his list at the young age of 8 years old, he was nothing less than ecstatic. The hole in one occurred when the father and son duo were playing at the Scotland Yards Golf Club in Dade City, FL. The two play the course close to 3 times a week and this was young Danny’s first hole in one, his father hit one here two years before.

Danny’s father said that he has always been a jokester, so when the hole in one occurred and his father didn’t see, he at first claimed he must have been joking and pulling a prank on his dad. Danny, who was celebrating on the tee box, was beside himself at the thought of a hole in one and once his father had seen the ball in the hole, both were jumping for joy on the green gathering some attention from the other golfers on the course.

Danny was a local star once his school got word of his ace. His third grade teacher even created a whole lesson plan out of his hole in one that involved the students measuring out the distance of the shot and seeing for themselves how great of an accomplishment the hole in one was. Danny is a great example of a young golfer with determination to continue playing the game and of course making more aces! Congrats to Danny from Foresite Sports, the leading provider of hole in one insurance.